First Tooth!

Ben’s First ToothBen in Exersaucer

Happy Memorial Day! 

Ben has been chewing on his fingers for a couple of weeks now.  Mark noticed that he’s been working on a tooth, and guess what!  Saturday morning it poked through!  Lately, Ben has been his usual good-natured, content self, so if it weren’t for the chewing we’d have never noticed.  He is almost 13 months old, so I suppose kids who have CdLS must get their teeth a little later than typical kids do.  Isaac was 5 months old when he got his first tooth, and Jonny was around 10 months old.  I guess we need to buy Ben a toothbrush!

The above photos show Ben fast asleep in his brand new Exersaucer.  He is tolerating it for longer periods now, and it does help to strengthen his trunk muscles.  We have to pad the seat with a blanket or a soft toy because he is so small that he tends to accidentally smash his face into the toys in front of him when he gets tired or frustrated and pitches forward.

He is also starting to be mobile!  That is, he wiggles and turns to both sides (not all the way over on his tummy yet), and somehow manages to move himself away from where you put him.  Recently, I’ve been putting him on his back on a blanket on the living room floor, and 15 minutes later I’ve come back to find that he is no longer on the blanket.  He seems to really enjoy moving around, even if it’s not exactly purposeful movement at this point.

He is doing MUCH better with grasping and pulling at toys, and I think he’s realizing that he can have more fun with them that way.  His Auntie Aliyah bought him a rag doll with long red yarn hair to pull, and he loves pulling on a fuschia Koosh ball someone got him from the dollar store.  He is also doing much better with “tummy time”. 

We are back on track with his tube feeds now that he has recovered from his bout of strep.  We have decided to transition him a little more slowly from infant formula to Nutren Jr than before.  We also have restarted his oral feeds which we had stopped for a few days when he wasn’t feeling well.

We recently got him some new ear molds for his hearing aids – a sure sign he is growing!  His hair is also growing – I’ve had to give it a trim this weekend. 

It really does seem that Ben’s development occurs in fits and starts.  He seems to go months without doing anything new, then at other times it seems that he gains a couple new skills all at once.  I suppose that’s just the way it’s going to be…we are glad for ANY progress he makes and never take anything for granted.

Boys at Memorial Day parade 

Here’s a picture of the boys this morning at our local Memorial Day parade.  It was quite enjoyable, even though it rained.  Isaac was sorry that it was only 15 minutes long, while Jonny kept asking when we could go home.  Ben sat in his stroller and enjoyed the outing.  He’s such a good baby boy.

Ben at Memorial Day parade


4 Responses to “First Tooth!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    yah ben! what a cutie 🙂

  2. Lawrence Says:

    Teeth….who can live without them. Great job Ben!

  3. Karen Says:

    I told Jonny that if he bothered Ben too much that Ben might bite him!

  4. Olivia Says:

    wow ben is adorable good job with the new tooth

    Best Wishes

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