The Soccer Blues

Isaac sitting during soccer game 

Isaac has had a rough couple of soccer games.  The other teams had very energetic coaches and well-defined strategies, and completely blew Isaac’s team away (even though at this stage the games are not officially scored, the kids ALWAYS know who won).  Not surprisingly, Isaac has been a little discouraged, because, well, it’s more fun when your team wins every once in a while.

So on the way home after his last game, I tried to give him a little pep talk.  I told him that winning wasn’t the most important thing, and what mattered most was that he played with his teammates, had a good attitude, showed good sportsmanship, and never gave up.  He seemed to cheer up a bit.

Later that day, I was relating all this to Mark, and feeling rather proud of myself for passing on some valuable life lessons to my offspring.  I asked Isaac, “What’s more important than winning?” 

Without hesitation, Isaac said, “Losing?”

I guess I wasn’t that good a communicator after all.  😉

In other news, Ben has caught the strep throat I had last week.  Poor baby.  He’s now on antibiotics and doing a little better.

Ben with strep

Isaac had to take “a sign of spring” in to kindergarten class for “Sharetime” today.  I gave him three suggestions: a picture of the bunny we found in our front yard, a photo of him in his socccer uniform, and ants (we know for sure that warm weather has come when these appear in our house).  Guess which one he chose?


The picture above was the bait we set out to catch ants.  Note that they weren’t at all interested in frosted flakes, but swarmed over the apple skin.  Go figure.  Mark captured several of them in a small plastic bottle and Isaac proudly took them to school this morning.  I am told show and tell went well, and there were no escapees.


4 Responses to “The Soccer Blues”

  1. markruinsdinner Says:

    Daddy goes big game hunting – for ants!

  2. Lawrence Says:

    Poor Isaac…..he’ll be OK though. Learning to lose is also part or being a sportsman so maybe he is just doing that chapter first.

    Great job with the ants there Mark. You’re a regular Steve Irwin.

  3. Mom/Grandma Says:

    What’s with these modern day ants? Ours go after butter. Poor Isaac, he should switch to the winning team………everyone loves a winner…….

  4. Mom/Grandma Says:

    But I agree……….its not only about winning

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