New Sandals and One Year Well Child Visit

Isaac’s new flip flopsJonny’s new sandals 

Yesterday was my half day so I was able to take Isaac to gymnastics and go to his soccer practice.  Unfortunately, the beautiful sunny day we were having up to that point was rapidly changing into a thunderstorm.  Soccer practice let out early, and Mark had to go to church for worship team practice.  I decided to take the 3 boys to our local (very small) mall to buy them some sandals for the summertime.

We braved the weather and went to Payless and after trying on at least 10 pairs of sandals between them, we were successful in finding some for Jonny and Isaac.  I saw some for Ben too, but although they were cute, they cost $11 and they wouldn’t stay on his feet, so I didn’t get them.  We were a rowdy bunch, I suppose, because the saleslady asked us 3 or 4 times if we were finding what we needed!  Jonny chose some very sensible sandals, but Isaac had his heart set on Spider Man light-up flip flops (for my Trini family, “flip flops” = glorified rubber slippers).  He loves them although he can’t seem to walk very fast in them.  He looks so cute trying to keep up with us wearing those silly things!

Today I went to work as usual, but the sore throat that I’ve been nursing for the last 3 days has been getting worse (maybe because I was out in the rain last evening).  I had it checked out, and it turns out I have strep throat.  And I shared my drink with Jonny and Isaac last night!!!  And I am always kissing poor Ben!  Let’s hope they don’t catch it.  Now I’m on my amoxicillin and hopefully I’ll be back to normal in 24 to 48 hours…

 Ben 1 year checkupBig brothers at doctor visit

This afternoon was Ben’s one year checkup.  Jonny and Isaac were both there with us.  We didn’t see our regular pediatrician, and I felt sorry for the doc who saw Ben because we had so many issues to discuss.  Here’s a recap:

  • Ben weighs 12 lbs 2 oz which is just under the 50th percentile for baby boys with CdLS, so his growth has stayed right on target.  For his G-tube feeds we are switching him to big-boy formula now, and the Feeding Clinic suggested that we try Nutren Jr. instead of the Enfacare he currently gets.  We’ll see how that transition goes for Ben. 
  • We are continuing to encourage oral feeds every day!  He has been doing well with those so far.  He especially seems to love sweet potatoes and oatmeal with bananas.
  • We are enrolling Ben in the CdLS Research Study through the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and we need to have records sent there and forms filled out.
  • Developmentally, Ben is still delayed in all areas.  He smiles and laughs, coos and has started babbling, reaches for and plays with toys but does not grasp things for long periods.  He sits briefly if his hips are supported.  He has started rolling from his tummy (if he is propped on his elbows) to his back.  He makes good eye contact if you are right up close to his face.
  • His hearing is stable and we will continue to follow up with audiology regularly.
  • Ben’s 1 year evaluation for Early Intervention is coming up next month as well.  We are hoping they will approve some speech therapy in addition to the physical and occupational therapy he already receives.
  • And of course poor Ben had 3 vaccines (Pneumococcal, Hepatitis A and a combination Varicella/MMR).  Isaac was very sad to see Ben get his shots and said, “I think doctors are evil because they make people hurt!”

So it was quite a busy visit.  I’m a little sad when I think about just how far behind he is in his development compared to typical kids his age.   But I am thankful for what he CAN do and never again will I take any developmental milestone for granted!  Most of all I am grateful that he is healthy and happy and loved. 


5 Responses to “New Sandals and One Year Well Child Visit”

  1. Christine Says:

    Sounds like his check up was a good one. I noticed that Ben is receiving PT and OT. Have they suggested a Bumbo seat to help him sit up? Do you already have one and I just dont know it! Anyway, I have one for one of my boys that did not want to sit up at all. After a month he became more steady and is doing better but still takes nose dives forward. But not like before.
    Hope you feel better!!

  2. Karen Says:

    Thanks, Christine! Yes, we have a Bumbo for Ben. He does well in it for short periods, but rather than pitching forward, he tends to arch backward when he’s had enough. He makes himself almost into a straight line! I think we will buy a tray for the Bumbo because I am worried one day he will pop right out of it.

  3. Christine Says:

    Be warned that the tray will not keep a rowdy baby in his seat!! Oliver and Spence kick it off and then lean forward (in a straight line) enough to fing themselves out of the chair!! I thought I read on the packaging that babies werent supposed to be able to liberate themselves from it. Whatever!! The tray is awesome nontheless. It has helped both of them with eating cheerios and puffs. If they are in good supply on the tray then all is good, once they are gone all bets are off! Or if Lady and the Tramp is on, then they stay put for over an hour.

    Thanks for coming by my blog. I just put up some new pics of the boys.

  4. Mom/Grandma Says:

    Happy to hear that Ben is doing so well. The boys all look great. I can’t wait for Ben to try mangoes, he will forget all about sweet potatoes and oatmeal with bananas

  5. Noelia Says:

    happy mother’s day karen. Hope your day was full of love and happiness.

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