Flowers and Plants and Kids

Boys with pinwheels 

I was off work yet again today (it seems like I’ve had a lot of days off recently), and we decided to go to a local greenhouse this afternoon.  Last year Mark and Aliyah made us some windowboxes for the front of the house, but we never put them up.  We plan to this year, so we needed some flowers to brighten up the rather imposing dark green exterior of our house.  The previous owners really seem to have had a thing for dark green!

We went to an Amish greenhouse about 10 miles out of our small town.  It was actually very well-stocked and much larger than I expected.  The prices were reasonable and the plants looked healthy.  Hopefully they will stay that way.

Me and boys at greenhouse

In addition to the flowers for the windowboxes, we also got some dwarf tomato plants that will grow in pots (alas, our yard is too small for a proper vegetable garden), and some herbs.  I wore Ben in his front carrier.  It’s the first time we’ve used it in months, and he seemed to enjoy being up high and he looked all around.  The other two weren’t quite so well behaved.  They whined and complained that I brought them to a “boring” place and they were afraid that bees might be around because of the flowers.  We didn’t see a single bee.  They’re too young to be complaining of boredom!!!!!!!!!

Boys fighting or hugging

In spite of their bad behavior, Isaac and Jonny both got flower pots.  Isaac is growing a butterfly plant and Jonny is growing some marigolds.  They each got a pinwheel to put into their pots.  I hope they will learn that gardening is actually pretty cool.

Ben was still in a good mood when we got home.  He really enjoys being out of the house, especially if he is outdoors. 

I suppose we will pot our new plants tomorrow.  I hope we got enough!

Ben outsideIsaac dandelion

10 Responses to “Flowers and Plants and Kids”

  1. Aliyah Says:

    Those are such cute pictures!

    I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival today, it was pretty cool. I think you would have liked it. I got some very pretty merino yarn that I can’t wait to work with. Also, I got a beginner’s spinning kit with a drop spindle and some wool to start with, and prettier purple merino/tencel roving for when I learn how to spin a decent thread. Things were cheap, too!

  2. Lawrence Says:

    “I hope they will learn that gardening is actually pretty cool” – Yeah right!!!

    How’d you get them to hug in that one pic? Now that is priceless.

  3. Noelia Says:

    hey karen, gardening is really cool. I have started my own herb garden , I have parsley, basil , chives, thyme and of course shadon beni. Today i bought some top soil and maybe tommorow I will give my little seedlings some well needed soil. I love to just go out of my kitchen and pick a few leaves of seasoning any time I cook. fresh is wonderful …

  4. Karen Says:

    Aliyah: Sheep and Wool festival? And you didn’t even call us to tell us about it???? I think the boys would have liked it better than the greenhouse.
    A beginner’s spinning kit???? Whatever for???? Don’t you know you can buy thread for cheap at WalMart??? 😉
    Lawrence: Gardening IS cool! I think Jonny was hugging Isaac and it ended up being more wrestling than hugging at the end.
    Noelia: We bought some basil, chives, thyme, and oregano, but I have to settle for cilantro instead of shadon beni. We also got several hot pepper varieties. I am shocked that Mark actually bought most of those since he doesn’t like hot stuff…
    The neat thing about hot peppers is that they are perennials – I just bring them inside during the winter and they bear peppers again the next year.

  5. Aliyah Says:

    I only really realised how much the boys would have liked it after I got to the festival. There were sheep and llamas and aplacas and angora rabbits, and wonderful, wonderful fair food, as well as lots of grilled lamb and fun stuff. It’s still on tomorrow, if you’re interested.

    I got a spinning kit because I kept seeing people spinning at the festival (there were many people who were actually working at spinning wheels!) and it seemed like fun. It’s quite calming, actually. Besides, they had wool that would make wonderful yarn, and I couldn’t resist at least trying it out once.

  6. markruinsdinner Says:

    Yes I bought hot peppers to grow. It’s something I don’t use a lot of, but I do use them in some of my dishes. Don’t be so surprised. The Caribbean hot habeneros were for Karen.

  7. Karen Says:

    I wonder if spinning is actually like golf. I think it might be relaxing if you do it well, but frustrating if you don’t.

  8. Aliyah Says:

    I’m not any good at it yet, though. The thread is very very bumpy and uneven, but it’s still really relaxing!

  9. Noelia Says:

    well karen as soon the hot peppers grow, get a mango tree, grow it and pick the mango when they are half ripe and presto…………..fresh mango chow

  10. Karen Says:

    Except that the poor mango tree would die during the very first winter. 😦
    Mark said we should build a greenhouse so we can maintain tropical plants year-round. I think it’s a spectacular idea, but it will have to wait until we have a bigger yard.

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