Hearing Aid Check

Ben in Carseat 

Yesterday we made the one-hour trek to our favorite tertiary care center for Ben to have a hearing check.  Unlike the last 2 or 3 hearing tests he has had so far, this one did not involve sleep deprivation, thank goodness.  Just try keeping an infant in a carseat from falling asleep during a boring one-hour drive!  Not easy or pleasant, I can tell you. 

This test used behavioral responses to sound to test hearing.  They removed his hearing aids and first tried to put little I-Pod-like earpieces in his ears.  He didn’t like that, so they tried to put conventional headphones on.  That didn’t work either, so instead they just projected the sound into the room itself.  Ben did pretty well – he was able to turn his head towards the source of the sound at the higher decibel levels without his aids.  The audiologist thinks that his hearing has remained fairly stable over the last four months.  We’ll be repeating the test in another six months.

While we were there, they were able to make new earmold impressions since his current hearing aids keep falling out.  It was nice of them to do that for us today to save us from having to make a second trip to their office.  After we came home we found that they’d left a phone message on our answering machine asking what colors we wanted the earmolds to be.  Apparently you can have them made just about any color you can think of.  I think we’ll stick with blue and red so we can tell them apart.

Isaac was in school as usual, but Jonny came with us and was a very good boy.  The weather was beautiful again.

In other news, Ben has recently discovered that he can reach his little right arm with the left.  He thinks this is alot of fun.

Ben Both Hands Together

Mark is making very good progress in the dining room.  The wooden floor is gorgeous!   We are (and by “we” I mean “Mark”) applying the last coat of polyurethane today.  Hopefully it will be dry enough for the company coming over on Saturday evening.  I hope it doesn’t smell too chemical-y.


6 Responses to “Hearing Aid Check”

  1. Christine Says:

    I cant help but wanna hug and snuggle Ben everytime I come to your site. And those eye lashes are to die for!! He is so darn cute!!!

  2. Dawn Says:

    I LOVE the picture of Ben on the floor. We need a picture of him – how do I get a copy? I think he’s starting to chunk up a little – he’s not at the Johnny/Bryson level, but still…..

  3. Grandma/Mom Says:

    I am happy to know that Ben passed his hearing test. He looks so cute in that last pic. It is evident that he has gained more than just a few pounds…..just look at those arms

  4. Lawrence Says:

    Ben really does look so looks so cute in that pic and yes, it seems he has gained some weight. Way to go Ben!

  5. markruinsdinner Says:

    Personally I like the tongue sticking out. That is a happy face.

  6. Karen Says:

    Thanks, Christine – Ben is indeed very snuggly and we think he is cute too! He fell asleep minutes after that second picture was taken. 🙂

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