A Weekendfull of Boys


Drum Sander 

Mark has been refinishing the dining room floor.  The floor sander is large and extremely noisy (shakes the house to its foundation), so for most of this process I decided that I would keep all three boys out of the house entirely.  The job was supposed to have been completed on Saturday, but actually Mark didn’t get done until late Sunday evening.

But I had such a great time entertaining the boys!

On Saturday morning we watched Isaac’s soccer game.  I’m not sure who won since they don’t really keep score at this level.  The weather was perfect; a far cry from last week’s game.

Isaac soccer game 2

Then we went to Target (my favorite store) so I could buy some sunscreen, a salad spinner and other necessities.  We had lunch at McDonalds.  Ben started to get fussy, so we went to the park.  Ben got to ride in his stroller and really enjoyed himself. 

Ben in Stroller 

He watched the two big boys at the swings.  Then Isaac and Jonny saw some harmless honeybees, got scared (even though I assured them that the bees were only interested in flowers), and sat with me in the shade and ate the snacks we got at Target.  Ben loved the fresh air and gave us lots of “audible smilies”.  I really need to figure out how to capture those on video and post them on this blog.

Boys at swings 2 

(When Mark saw these pictures he said, “Jonny doesn’t swing on the baby swings anymore.”  Oh well.)

We stopped at EB Games and got 3 new games for the boys’ Game Boys because I wanted to make sure they didn’t fall asleep on the drive back – worked like a charm.  We went to our local creamery to have some delicious homemade ice cream and to buy milk.  

Boys at swings 

We bought Daddy a vanilla milkshake to go and came back home.  The floor still wasn’t done.  Mark decided to call it quits for the day.  We ended up eating out at one of our very good local Mexican restaurants.  Here are Jonny and Isaac playing video games while they wait for Mark to get ready.  I didn’t get done with dinner in time to go to Aliyah’s Orchesis recital. 


As you can imagine, we had NO trouble getting them ready for bed that night!

Jonny tuckered out

Ben in new spring outfit

That’s Ben’s new outfit that he wore to church this morning.  Today wasn’t quite as much fun for Jonathan and Isaac since after church and lunch at Wendy’s I took them to the grocery store.  Mark made good progress with the floor and now it is ready for staining.   We are supposed to have company for dinner on Saturday night.  Here’s hoping the room is ready by then!


4 Responses to “A Weekendfull of Boys”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    Issac looks like he really likes soccer. Hope he keeps at it….maybe he will be the next renaldo! Love the pic of the two boys eating ice cream, the one of jonny sleeping and of course your little angel sucking his little finger. He is so cute in that outfit.

    What was wrong with the dining room floor? Was he not working on the walls; is that done now?

  2. Karen Says:

    The walls are done and look beautiful, but Mark won’t let me post pictures of them yet. The floor stain was old, ugly and too dark. Mark will be putting new stain hopefully today.

  3. markruinsdinner Says:

    Look at all that cool stuff that I missed. The boys really enjoyed a weekend with Mommy, free from my clutches. I was busy at home cursing myself for starting this project in the first place.

    Oh, and Lawrence. When you see the pictures of the new finish on the floor you’ll see why I’m sanding and refinishing.

  4. Dawn Says:

    Sounds like a fantastic Saturday spent with the boys. I kicked my own out of the house, and we all spent the entire day in the yard, as well. I LOVE it when everybody is too physically exhausted to refuse to go to bed. (including me).

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