Welcome Back, Spring!


We have had almost 2 weeks straight of unseasonably cold, damp weather.  Early last week we even had snow flurries!  Today the weather finally turned beautiful again, at long last.  It also coincided with one of my three-day weekends which made it even better.

Mark was supposed to be sanding and refinishing the dining room floor today but he wasn’t feeling well.  He also had quite a bit of preparation to do, so he won’t do the sanding until tomorrow.  Which means that all 3 boys and I will be spending most of the day out of the house – the sanding machine is deafening.  We’ll see how good I’ll be at entertaining the brood all day – it should be interesting.

Instead we did some shopping and housework, prepped the room for sanding and I did laundry (it seems ALL of my clothes are dirty).  Shortly before Isaac’s bus was due to arrive I took Jonny out for a walk to meet him.  He enjoyed the stroll and even stayed still long enough to take some pictures. 

Jonny and Tree

After we got Isaac from school, he changed clothes and we went to the park for about an hour.  We weren’t there ten minutes before Isaac fell and hurt his back.  I was still unloading a couple things from the van when he came running back inside and demanded to go back home.  I told him that we’d just got there, and he didn’t have to play if he didn’t want to, but we were all going to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  He sat next to me on the bench for a few minutes, then walked around gloomily for awhile. 

Sad Isaac 2Sad Isaac

Then he felt better and spent the rest of the time happily playing with Jonny.  Ben enjoyed watching the kids and the trees.  He still is not fond of direct sunlight on his face.  Jonny had a blast running around and playing.  He found another little boy his own age to play with.  I was glad that Jonny was wearing bright orange because it made him easier to spot when he tried to wander away!

Ben at ParkSo Bright Outside

It turns out that Jonny’s new friend had an older brother who has autism.  I chatted briefly with their mom.  I’ve found that having a child with special needs can be isolating at times – it was nice to be able to talk with someone who understands some of the challenges.   I hope we see them in the park again sometime.

We got home and had New York Strip steaks (cooked medium rare, of course) hot off the grill.  Delicious!  We made chicken for the boys. 

I’m so glad it’s warm again!

16 Responses to “Welcome Back, Spring!”

  1. mcewen Says:

    Well hello! I have a pal with a son with microcephaly and autism – he’s doing really well right now. And yes you’re right, having a child with special needs can be isolating at times – aren’t we glad we blog!
    Best wishes

  2. Aliyah Says:

    Yesterday was so gorgeous– unfortunately, I didn’t get much of a chance to spend time in the sunlight. Today looks promising, though!

  3. Lawrence Says:

    What a coincidence; my sister is also autistic…I also know the challenges that come with having a special needs child in the household. My parents are, and have always been, very devoted to her needs and she and I are quite close. I hope you meet up with that lady again Karen; I’m certain that if you keep in touch with her, you will both provide support to each other in the future.

  4. Lawrence Says:

    Glad the weather is getting better. Perhaps I’ll try to visit during a warm period this year. Mmmmmm…Steaks….

  5. Noelia Says:

    Karen , i am so glad you are seeing the sun , the sun that we Trinidadians are used to. Right now Trinidad is very dry and hot with water problems. Can I get the recipe for the steaks ??? What kind of steaks were they ???

  6. Noelia Says:

    Also can I get Lawrence and Aliyah’s e-mail address? thanks

  7. markruinsdinner Says:

    Yes, Lawrence, steaks. Medium Rare.

  8. Karen Says:

    Mcewen: welcome, and you’re right about blogging – I’ve met so many other parents and caregivers of special needs kids this way that I would never have otherwise.
    Lawrence: I’m off a few weeks this summer so if you wanted to visit, you are welcome.
    Noelia: the kind of steak meat is called “New York Strip” I’m not exactly sure what part of the cow it’s from. It’s expensive and we only eat it about twice a year when the butcher shop has it on sale. I don’t really have a recipe, but I marinated them for about an hour before grilling in a mixture of salt, black pepper, garlic, shallots, and a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

  9. Aliyah Says:

    hey noelia, my email address is (email deleted for privacy purposes).

  10. Karen Says:

    Aliyah, my apologies for not coming to Orchesis tonight. The datestamp of everything previous to this post is wrong; at 8 pm we were actually eating dinner at Montezuma’s. It’s a long story which I will explain in great detail hopefully tomorrow. Let’s just say that the sanding of the dining room floor is not complete.
    I’m sorry I missed it – is this the only recital for the semester?

  11. Lawrence Says:

    Aliyah, never post your email address on a public blog; email harvester bots will suck it in and the next thing you know you’ll have more spam than you know what to do with. Noelia, I’ll call you with my address sometime.

  12. Karen Says:

    Good point Lawrence; I deleted Aliyah’s email address. I hope it’s not too late….

  13. Aliyah Says:

    Aw, nuts, I wanted the spambots to get that one. Really, it’s my email address that’s specifically dedicated to spam. And then there’s my hotmail, which only lets people on my contact list email me. Life is good!

    It’s okay that you missed it. Right after the first piece of the second half, someone’s back started spasming and we had to call the paramedics, and the girl had to be carried offstage on a stretcher. Sooo, the upshot of that was that last night’s performance wasn’t as good as it could have been. But anyway, Orchesis is over for the semester.

  14. Gunvor Regine Says:

    Hello Karen !
    So nice to get the mail from you ! I just want to tell you that you now are one of my “favorites”, and I `m looking for news every day !
    You and your husband have three charming boys !

    My daily work is to help people with extra needs, people with Downs, autism etc. I don`t know the CdLs, but I`ll try to read about it (haven`t finished all your writing yet).

    Is Aliyah in the U.S. also ? Is she studying ? Please, say hello to her..
    I`m glad you`ve got warm weather. In Norway is spring, which means changing between snow, rain and summerwarmth (prefer warm weather…)

    Gunvor Regine

  15. Karen Says:

    Aliyah and Lawrence – for the record, the email address I have posted on this blog gets very little spam so far…but maybe it’s just a matter of time…
    Aliyah, I can’t help but feel a little relieved I wasn’t at Orchesis. Did you take an intermission when the paramedics came and continue with the show after they left, or did you call it a night?
    Gunvor, good to hear from you again. I didn’t know you worked with people who have special needs. That’s wonderful. Yes, Aliyah actually is in college in the same town in the U.S. where I live. I’m with you – I definitely prefer warm weather!

  16. Aliyah Says:

    Karen, it must have been slightly harrowing for the audience– when the paramedics came, the president of Orchesis ran onstage and said something like “We’ll now have a bried intermission. Please don’t panic.” Of course everyone started panicking then! Then, of course, they carried the girl offstage on a stretcher, and one of my friends was there, holding her hand, which made everyone think that she was going to die or something.

    Hi Gunvor! Yes, I’m in the US, studying, as Karen says, in the same town she lives with. I’m enjoying the warm weather, too!

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