Happy Easter!

Please Let Me In 

What awful weather!  Would you believe we had snow flurries again both Saturday and Sunday???? 

We spent this weekend at the beautiful new home of Mark’s sister Dawn and her husband Dan.  They have two sons who are a little older than Isaac.  Needless to say, all the boys had a blast.  We hardly ever saw them.  They spent most of their time playing together in the basement, surfacing briefly to eat and watch TV.  They all got along extremely well.  Jonny actually petted Wolfie the poodle – the last time we visited he wouldn’t even go down on the floor when Wolfie was around.  I suppose it helped that Wolfie is recovering from a broken leg and was tethered for most of our visit.  The first photo is of Wolfie on a bathroom break.  He wasn’t interested in doing ANYTHING except coming back inside where it was warm!

Hi Wolfie

Boys and Ben

Nana and Ben

Ben tolerated the 3.5 hour drive fairly well.  He seemed to enjoy the visit since he had more people than usual doting on him.  The trip didn’t seem to affect his sleeping habits at all.  Can’t say the same for Jonny who awoke multiple times both nights we were there.

We had a great family dinner on Saturday night – Mark’s mom was also able to join us for a wonderfully flavorful roast beef dinner. 

 Easter DinnerEaster Dinner 2

On the way home we had Mc Donalds.  Evidently they are the only fast-food restaurant open on Easter Sunday.

Mc Donalds for Lunch

We had a great weekend trip.  Thanks Dawn and Dan!

In other news, Mark came home last night and started priming the dining room walls.  Here they are now – all white (a big improvement over the deep green already) and ready to paint!!!!

Mark PaintingWhite Dining Room


8 Responses to “Happy Easter!”

  1. For my next trick I will burn water « Mark Ruins Dinner Says:

    […] my next trick I will burn water 9 04 2007 We went to my sister’s house over the weekend so Monday evening we had precious little food in the house. Round about 5:00 I went […]

  2. Lawrence Says:

    Glad everyone had lots of fun. The boys all look so happy. I wish I was there…..

  3. Aliyah Says:

    Whimsically enough, I was also in Pittsburgh then. It’s funny– the girl I was staying with lived on the same sort of bricky/cobbledy streets that Dawn used to live on. Very strange! I didn’t much like the weather, either.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Glad it was a good holiday! You should be getting your necklace today or tomorrow! xoxo

  5. Dawn Says:

    We are so glad that you guys came – and glad that you all had fun. We had a blast. The boys are still recovering from all the running around they did.

  6. Michele B Says:

    Hey we were in western pa for Easter too – where we had all the snow showers we would have loved to have had at Christmas. Besides candy the Easter Bunny brought fun things to do outside – he should have checked the forcast.

  7. Robin Says:

    Karen and Mark,
    I am glad you had a great Easter. We got a little snow on the Saturday before Easter. My 2 boys and little girl went to my sisters on the week before Easter. My sister has 7 children and 1 on the way. She is in a suburb of Philadelphia. It was crazy and fun. I didn’t see much of my kids. They played great with their cousins as well. Every once in awhile we would hear a crash and as long as no one no one came down crying we waited till they were done playing to clean up. Your table reminded of our dinners together. Isn’t family great.

  8. Karen Says:

    Hi Robin! Glad you guys had fun over Easter too. I can’t imagine having 7 kids, let alone 8. Your sister must be Superwoman!

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