I Love Target!

Brand New Shirts

Here are the boys before church today.  Yes, we actually made it to church this week now that everyone is feeling better.  I got the boys these shirts (and Ben’s jeans) at our brand new Target store this weekend.  I’ve noticed that it is hard to find cute little-boy clothes, but Target has a pretty good selection.  We haven’t had portraits done of all 3 boys since Ben was born – I think we might do them in these shirts (even though they don’t really match) – that is, unless I find more cute clothes at Target, or the new Kohls that will be opening soon!  🙂

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7 Responses to “I Love Target!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    who needs to get portraits done when you can get a shot like that at home?! that is just DARLING!! and i, too, am a target lover. the closest one is 40 miles away, but that doesn’t stop me from going reularly! i left you a comment on my blog about the necklace. you can email me at lisaleonard@integrity.com sends hugs to all your cute boys!

  2. Grandma/Mom Says:

    What a beautiful pic of my grandsons……….

  3. Lisa Says:

    I had trouble replying to your email. Did you get it? Lisa

  4. Karen Says:

    Lisa: yes, I got it. I just replied tonight.

  5. Brown Nancy Says:

    I love Target as well. We just moved to AZ and the one by us was so full of people. I have bought lots of those 3 dollar outfits for Ty there. LOVE THEM. And your right, I have a hard time finding cute stuff for bubba… My SIL swears by ebay but I haven’t fallen in love with it!! They look awesome

  6. Michele B Says:

    I was a Target just today where I went in to get two small items so I did not take a cart. Of course I was passing the shoe isle when I spotted some sandals and sneakers I thought might be great for the girls. And as usual I had to get two of everything so there I am struggling with 6 boxes of shoes as I headed for my two other items. I target employee actually spotted me from a distance, went over to get a basket, asked me if I could use it and gave it to me. I about fell over at the service.

  7. Karen Says:

    Yes, the service has been good at Target. I hope it’s not just because the store is new. Time will tell……

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