Three Day Weekend

Saturday Morning Cartoons 

Once a month I get Fridays off, and those 3-day weekends are so priceless to me.  Not that we do anything REALLY fun as a family, but I think that’s what makes them so special.  It’s just time that I use to get caught up with the housework, kids, and of course, I try to work in a nap whenever possible!

Yesterday I took Isaac to school and went to the gym briefly.  I then went to Target, and bought all 3 boys some very cute outfits.  I took Jonny to gymnastics class, and watched him through the 2-way mirror.  It’s so rare that I get to do that, and he has such a good time.  We had lunch, and not too long after that, Jonny and I went to get Isaac at the bus stop.  We took Ben in his stroller.  Ben had a GREAT time looking at all the trees, flowers and cars – we even saw an ambulance come screeching by.

Isaac came home (he has the next week off school.  Had I known that in advance, I would have taken some vacation this week, but it seems I’m always the last to know these things), and declared that it was “Avatar Day”.  Mark painted their faces: Isaac as Aang and Jonny as Zuko, and they had a fine time playing outside.  They had baths, and although the marker claimed to be washable, I can still see their face art today!

Painting IsaacIsaac AangPainting JonnyJonny Zuko

Then I took a late, but very welcome nap, and we had leftovers for dinner.  I love leftovers.

Last night we watched Avatar on DVD (we are all big Avatar fans!) and ate popcorn for “Family Movie Night”, and the boys went to bed.  Mark and I watched another movie and went to bed.

This morning all 3 boys watched Saturday morning cartoons together (that’s what they’re doing on the very first picture on this post).  Today we did alot of shopping – Mark bought paint for the dining room, and I bought groceries, and yet more clothes for the boys.  I think I tired poor Jonny out – he fell asleep on his feet this afternoon!

Asleep on His Feet

Tonight I made a delicious vegetarian recipe from Cooking Light.  (I am not sure if the link will work if you don’t subscribe to Cooking Light).  We made not-so-light chocolate fondants for dessert after the boys had gone to bed.  But that’s for another post.

I love 3 day weekends!  Why can’t we work 4 days a week all the time????

7 Responses to “Three Day Weekend”

  1. Aliyah Says:

    Awww, such cute pics! My roommate especially loves the Avatar face painting ones! ^_^

  2. Lawrence Says:

    Nice pics but…..what is Avatar day?

  3. Aliyah Says:

    Avatar is a tv show on Nickelodeon, and Avatar Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the awesomeness of the TV show.

  4. Karen Says:

    Lawrence….click the links already…..
    BTW, your Carnival pix were very entertaining!
    The boys asked for face paint again today. Foolishly, we did it again even though the weather was rainy and they couldn’t go outside. The end result?? Face paint on my cream-colored couch! And it DOESN’T really wash off fabric.

  5. markruinsdinner Says:

    Very nice close up of my gray hairs, huh?

  6. Karen Says:

    Mark, we can’t even see any gray hairs!

  7. Lawrence Says:

    Well soooorrrryyyyy. I don’t often click the links less I end up on some spyware riddled page!!! Never heard of Avatar….and judging by the pics, it’s not something I’ll hear about until I have kids.

    Glad you enjoyed the Carnival pics….we had a blast….

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