Is Spring Finally Here?

 Jonny Soccer 1

We had such a gorgeous day today!  The temperature was up around 70 degrees, and for most of the day it was actually bright and sunny.  And even better – I had a half day off work to enjoy the beautiful weather.  It was such a nice change to have sunshine after having a snowstorm less than one week ago.

Jonny, Mark and Ben had a field trip earlier today to one of the local assisted living facilities for the elderly (that Mark insensitively called an “old folks home”), and then they met me at my office at around noon.  We had lunch together (at Burger King), then headed home in separate cars.  Jonny and I took a detour to our brand new Michaels craft store that just opened today!  (I was excited.  I love Michaels but who are we kidding?  When do I have time to do crafts that aren’t somehow connected with Isaac’s kindergarten projects???)  After that we visited the pet store next door, and Jonny had a great time looking at mice, hamsters, cats and fish.  No, we did not buy any pets, but the kitties looked very cuddly.

We went home, and later in the evening I took Isaac to gymnastics class.  Jonny came along with his soccer ball.  He had fun running around and kicking it for about 15 mintues…and then unfortunately it began to rain.  We went inside and read stories and built puzzles until Isaac was done.

Jonny soccer 2Jonny Soccer 3

After gymnastics we went to my new favorite store (which will have to wait for another post!)  We bought Jonny a new baseball cap since the one in the picture is actually Isaac’s.  Isaac behaved very badly in the store, but that’s another story.  We came home and ate leftovers.  I love leftovers.

Here is Ben playing with his favorite gym.  I took this picture a couple days ago, but this is exactly what he’s doing right now at almost midnight:

Ben’s favorite gym

I can’t wait until summer is here!

3 Responses to “Is Spring Finally Here?”

  1. Grandma/Mom Says:

    What a cute picture of Benjie-Ben.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Spring is finally here in England as well, and to celebrate yesterday I went out for a one mile run, not very far I know, but it was the first attempt of road running… today my legs are not my own!
    Cheryl, remember when we used to walk around the POS savannah for exercise? Exercise my eye, we were eating aloo pies and pholourie (sp) on the way!!!

  3. Grandma/Mom Says:

    Lisa, u road running now? That’s great. I do remember our walks and yes, I remember the aloo pies and phoulorie and corn soup on occasion. I also remember us walking in the rain………do you remember? We used to have a good time though. And this was all to get our circulation going because of our job……lol

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