“Nine month” Checkup (March Blog Challenge)

Daddy and Ben 

Ben finally had his nine month well child visit yesterday at the pediatrician’s office, although he is technically 10 months old.  He arrived for his appointment in a great mood and cooing up a storm.  Jonny was with us, but Isaac was in school.

Cooing happilyBig brother Jonny

Ben weighs 11 lbs 9.5 oz, which is good; he is still right around the 50th percentile for both height and weight for a baby boy with CdLS.  Below is a picture of the nurse weighing him.  Note the strategically placed tissue.  I guess she has weighed more than a few baby boys in her time!

How much does he weigh

Developmentally he is around the level of a 4 month old.  He smiles, laughs, reaches for toys with both arms, makes fair eye contact and is just starting to roll from side to side.  He is progressing, albeit slowly.  Today he started reaching his feet and toes out to play with toys as well.  He does have one special skill that my 3 and 6 year olds haven’t yet mastered: sleeping through the night!

Overall Ben has done very well.  When we first brought him home, we feared that he would be chronically ill and plagued with frequent hospital admissions.  So far, his only hospitalization since the NICU was a 3-day stay at 5 months old to have his G-tube/Nissen surgery.  I am happy to say he has been very healthy except for the usual colds and the occasional ear infection that one would expect with any child.  I hope that Ben continues to have good health as he gets older.

Most of the time Ben is an amazingly placid, happy little guy, except when his big brothers  keep bothering him!   Even though having a child who has special needs has been challenging at times, I am so glad that we have Ben.

6 Responses to ““Nine month” Checkup (March Blog Challenge)”

  1. Lisa Says:

    he’s a little chunko!! what a cutie–glad he’s been a fairly easy kiddo. David is as well. Such a blessing and a joy!

  2. Lawrence Says:

    I’m glad that he has you guys, and all of us rooting for him. I think he is lucky to be born into a family where a special needs child is not something out of the ordinary.

    Bet he will double size in the next nine months!

  3. Karen Says:

    Thanks Lisa! I am hoping Ben continues to be “easy” as he gets older. Lawrence, I don’t think Ben will grow quite that fast, but as you can see, even though he is small, he is not skinny! 😉

  4. Noelia Says:

    Karen and Mark , I really admire you two . It gives me great encouragement to get the the little hard and challenging times in my life. More and more i really think trinidad is not a safe place for my children , food prices going up and although we want the best for them , it becomes very tough. So keep it up , and Ben is climbing his little ladder of life so well.

  5. Grandma/Mom Says:

    Benji_Ben looks so well. Good to see that he has put on a few pounds and that he is a happy kid. I can’t wait to visit again.

  6. Dawn Says:

    He is so beautiful! It’s amazing to see him in that first picture next to Mark to get perspective – he looks so BIG! Fantastic news all around, guys.

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