Just Your Average Weekend

Jonny Gameboy 

It hasn’t been particularly interesting around here lately…

I spent most of Saturday grocery shopping.  Ben came with me to the grocery store.  Mark assured me that he usually loves being out, but he slept for most of the trip, and when he finally awakened, he complained until we got home!

There was a lot of video game playing by the two older boys.  The above photo is of Jonny begging to play with the Game Boy.  If you look closely, you’ll notice he has a bruise on his left cheek.  He got it the same night I took that cute picture of him and Isaac together in their bed.  He tumbled out of bed and smacked his cheek on the open nightstand drawer.  Ouch!  He screamed bloody murder but I didn’t notice the bruise until the following morning.  Poor little guy.  I’ve fussed over that cheek so much that he now tells me sternly, “Don’t ask me about my face!”

Ben is loving his Bumbo seat and his toys lately.  His hearing aids have begun falling out again and the ear molds probably need to be resized.  He’s been “talking” alot and has starting saying what sounds to me like “mama”!!!  😉

Ben Bumbo 1Ben Bumbo 2

Isaac seems to be coming down with something and has run a fever 2 nights in a row.  I don’t think he’ll be going to school tomorrow.  He was well enough today to watch alot of TV.  He and I watched Avatar on Nickelodeon which I find strangely entertaining.  We have a “How to Draw Veggie Tales” DVD we got out for the first time, and the boys enjoyed that.  We are reading Isaac’s 10-chapter Magic Schoolhouse library book from school.  Sometimes I wish he would borrow shorter books from the library (at least until he can read them all by himself), but I am glad he enjoys books so much. 

Larry The Cucumber

Mark has made some great headway with the dining room walls.  He has finally got the hang of the wallpaper steamer, and things are starting to move along a little more quickly.  I will be so glad when we can finally paint the room a more cheerful color.  I hate wallpaper.


I made a new recipe for Tandoori Chicken which I loved, but Mark likes the old way better.  The boys seem to like them equally well and cleaned their plates.

So our weekend is now over.  We start off with a bang tomorrow: we need to take the van to be repaired.  It seems that my previous report about Mark’s little accident was overly optimistic.  I just hope the repairs won’t be too expensive.  😦


4 Responses to “Just Your Average Weekend”

  1. Shelly Says:

    Oh, Ben looks like such a big boy sitting in his Bumbo!!!! What a GREAT picture! He looks quite content too. Made me smile :). The Bumbo Seat and bebePOD…I wish I had discovered either of those with my kids. 😦 Fabulous creations!

  2. markruinsdinner Says:

    Yes, your honor, that’s how he got the bruise. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  3. Karen Says:

    The Bumbo was a godsend for Ben since he likely won’t be sitting independently anytime soon. Sometimes he just likes to sit up like a big boy! I think it would probably not be worth getting for a child who didn’t have developmental delays…but I could be wrong.

  4. Shelly Says:

    Caleb would’ve benefited from it a great deal I think. With his low tone he did everything so late and his world was mostly on his back unless I was holding him and even then it took a long time for him to hold his head up so maybe it wouldn’t have worked after all. He didn’t like the bouncy seat too much. Oh well. I’m not going for another JUST to try the seat! (lol)

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