The Case of the Missing Hearing Aid

Ben PJs 

Tonight as I was getting Ben ready for his bath, I took out his right hearing aid (the left had been removed earlier this evening for another reason).  I rested it on the older boys’ bed as I got him undressed,  got out his clean clothes and put these on the bed as well.  Ben enjoyed his bath as usual, but returned to find the big boys jumping on the bed.  I found Ben’s clothes, but  I couldn’t find the hearing aid anywhere!

I tore the room apart looking for it.  Hearing aids are expensive.  I even swept under the bed.  I unearthed all sorts of long-lost junk (that Jonathan was thrilled to see), but no hearing aid.  I had all but given up hope of ever finding it again. 

Finally, I brought Ben to sit with me at the computer.  You can see how cute he looks in his PJs tonight in the picture above.

I suddenly noticed something hard in the toe of his sleeper.  It was – you guessed it – the missing hearing aid!  I have no idea how it got in there.

Hearing Aid

I am just glad I found it before laundry day.

5 Responses to “The Case of the Missing Hearing Aid”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Argh! I hate losing things! I lost one of David’s hearing aides once and I stressed about it for hours–meanwhile I had set it on the kitchen counter in a moment of mental lapse. So glad you found it! Ben is DARLING! I always love clean kiddos in their pjs! And what a charming smile! xxxx

  2. markruinsdinner Says:

    I’m just glad I was out of the house so I could not be blamed for the incident.

  3. Karen Says:

    Thanks Lisa! We lose stuff all the time in our messy house. I know what you mean about clean little boys in their PJs – ours never stay clean for long, it seems!
    Mark, maybe it was your fault after all since you weren’t here to help me with Jonny and Isaac during Ben’s bath! I’m sure those two had something to do with the hearing aid’s disappearance

  4. Shelly Says:

    Haha…busted, Mark. She found a way to pin it on you anyway!

    Ben does look so cuddly and comfy. I LOOOOVE footie jammies!

  5. Noelia Says:

    That must of been so a terrible experience for you. Last night I ordered Kfc for dinner but i was short of $10. madeline said she would give me the money in her purse
    ( toothfairy money…she doesn’t give 25 cents again) . She had the purse in her HAND and showed me the money . When the KFC delivery came , madeline cannot find the purse anywhere. I had to get $10 in change and gave it to the KFC man…. he looked at me with dismay but took it anyway. After they went to sleep and I went to bed, put my head on the pillow and what did I find under it……….. madeline purse. So I have the case of the missing purse to solve…

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