Pizza Night

Mark’s dinner last night was much better than the flounder from the night before.  We had Butternut and Acorn Squash soup from one of the two soup cookbooks I (selfishly) got for him for his birthday last year.  The soup was excellent.  I brought home some leftover Panera Fuji Apple salad from the office.  What a great salad that is!  All 3 boys had a taste of the soup and liked it, even Ben:

Ben Soup 1Ben Soup 2

You can tell that Mark was feeding him because he didn’t put a bib on Ben.  Ben hasn’t quite got the hang of eating from a spoon, though.  He likes to lap things off the spoon like a kitty-cat, still does a lot of tongue-thrusting, and tends to spit out most of what we put in his mouth.  I suppose we just have to keep practicing.

Tonight I was tired and uninspired.  So we ordered a pizza. 


One Response to “Pizza Night”

  1. markruinsdinner Says:

    …that is to say, WE were tired and uninspired, so we ordered a pizza.

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