The Mighty Duck

 Mighty Duck

I had a great three-day weekend.  I did lots of housework on Friday and Saturday.  Of course you could never tell by our home’s current state of messiness.  Mark very kindly did the grocery shopping for me on Saturday, while I just went to the butcher shop.  I bought some flounder which I plan to cook later this week.  Mark mentioned that fresh ducks were on sale at the grocery store, so I actually went back and got one.  (The butcher said that they are a temporary item, just in for the Chinese New Year.)

I’ve never made duck before, so I used Alton Brown’s Mighty Duck recipe.  The recipe only looks complicated – it’s really not.  The only thing I did differently was to add a little Trinidad green seasoning to the original brine.  The duck turned out beautifully, with a perfectly crisp skin on the leg/thigh portions.  I think the breast could have been seared a little longer since the skin was so thick.  The flavor was wonderful – even the kids ate it up quickly and without complaint!  Oh yes, there was another substitution I made: we didn’t have chard so we used baby spinach.  I wouldn’t recommend it: baby spinach isn’t hardy enough and turns into soup!  We served it with plain jasmine rice and sauteed vegetables (mushrooms, broccoli, sugar snap peas, carrots with green onions and garlic.  I used a little of the duck fat to saute the veggies – sounds disgusting but it was GREAT!)

I think my next attempt at duck will be a Trinidad curry!! 😀

Ben has been doing great these days.  At church he stood up on my lap facing front.  Every so often I would dip him forward so that he was almost horizontal and he would laugh out loud!  At one time I considered taking him out of the sanctuary because he began cooing happily in a very loud voice, fortunately he didn’t do it for more than 30 seconds or so.  He’s such a cheerful little guy when he’s feeling well.

Here he is looking at the mobile in his crib being fed during this evening’s duck preparation.   Just before I took this picture he was laughing and cooing at his mobile, but of course stopped when I went to get the video camera!

Ben Mobile

17 Responses to “The Mighty Duck”

  1. markruinsdinner Says:

    Let it be said that I made the spinach. It was the only part of the meal that was inedible. I suppose it belongs on my blog instead, but it was her substitution.

  2. Grandma/Mom Says:

    The “mighty duck” looks super. Perhaps I may try that recipe myself.

  3. noelia Says:

    The mighty duck sounds sooo good . I also will try it someday but if I get a duck in this house , he will be curried no questions asked. Andrew does make a serious geera pork and chicken that will make you lick your lips to the bones and he put tons of pepper !!!! Andrew finally got the mighty ham that was promised to him since christmas by macfoods. I shall bake it for Easter with slices of pineapple.

  4. Grandma/Mom Says:

    Karen, I just suggested to Aliyah she should visit yr house and claim her portion of the “mighty duck”. But alas her bike is frozen to the bike stand……how awful. I would have walked……….

  5. Grandma/Mom Says:

    Noelia, we know there is nothing like a good curry duck. Perhaps we can do one when we go to Mayaro in April. What do you think?
    The dates are April 14-18th

  6. Karen Says:

    Alas, we ate most of the Mighty Duck last night. There are barely enough leftovers to feed Mark and myself a decent portion! I guess we liked it a little too much!
    I highly recommend the recipe for another reason: you should have seen how much fat drained from the duck during the cooking process! Over a cup of fat collected in the water at the bottom of the steamer!
    And what is this with you all making Mayaro arrangements on my blog and not even inviting me??? Haven’t you all heard of the phone???? 😉

  7. Grandma/Mom Says:

    This blog is for all kind of discussions……….right Noelia? If you can talk about duck, we can talk about Mayaro.

    When I roast my chicken used the roasting stand, a lot of fat is removed during the cooking process. So I know what you are talking about. And I think ducks have a lot more fat than chickens.

  8. Noelia Says:

    okay ducks, chickens, ham, spinach………this sounding like the food network here. Today i am making carnival tuesday food…..Pelau !!!! anyway Oh sweet mayaro… Yes aunt cheryl i think the 13th – 16th is fine with me . Karen ,, sorry we are using this blog , since i have internet , the phone is very boring !!!!!

  9. Aliyah Says:

    As I see it, Karen, all these discussions of ducks, geera pork, and Mayaro make it a whole lot like a family reunion, except without the random Chutney music! 😀

  10. Shelly Says:

    Well I know nothing about curry and have no clue about cooking ducks or geera pork and know even less about Mayaro, but I do want to say that Ben looks like an absolute angel laying there watching his mobile. I just want to kiss his cheeks!!! 🙂

  11. Grandma/Mom Says:

    Shelly what that tells me, is that you should plan a Caribbean trip soon………lol

  12. Shelly Says:

    Is that an invitation???????!!!! 😀

  13. Karen Says:

    Of course it is! Mom loves having visitors from all over the world.

  14. Grandma/Mom Says:

    And that’s very true……

  15. markruinsdinner Says:

    Shelly, a word to the wise: Take lots of Tums with you. And don’t let them take you to a place called “Curry Flame.”

  16. …stupid flat fish « Mark Ruins Dinner Says:

    […] overcooked, soupy flounder rolls were supposed to be served on a bed of wilted spinach.  Remember the duck?  It has become painfully obvious to me that I have no idea what it means to “wilt” […]

  17. Shelly Says:

    “Fame?” Yikes. I don’t think Tums would do it. 😉

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