Happy Valentine’s Day!

Where’s the shovel? 

What a great Valentine’s Day!

First, Mark made me an amazing three-course candellight dinner last night.  He even got me the single best Valentine’s present I’ve ever received – a leather-bound, single volume, 50th anniversary edition of my favorite book:

Favorite Book

I am ashamed to admit I didn’t get HIM a present.  Or a card.  😳

(I was wondering – does anyone else give presents on Valentine’s Day?  Are guys supposed to get presents, or just give?)

Then, this morning I didn’t have to go in to work because of the snowy, icy weather.  As you can see from the above picture, snow drifted all the way to the top of our steps and our snow shovel is frozen solid under all the layers of snow and ice.  Until the ice melts it cannot be removed except perhaps with a pickaxe.  Mark had to borrow the neighbor’s shovel to clear the walks.

Ben does seem to have a cold.  He took a long afternoon nap, and seems a little happier this evening than he did last night.  We’ll run the humidifier for him; maybe it will help him to sleep better tonight.  The older two are fine so far, and played WAY too many video games today.

Isaac has a 2 hour delay for school tomorrow, Jonny’s preschool is cancelled, and so is Ben’s OT session.  I just hope the roads are nice and clear tomorrow morning for the school buses and for me.



8 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Hi Karen–so glad you found my site and I found yours! Looking forward to going through your archives and learning more about your darling family! Have a great day!

  2. Grandma/Mom Says:

    I am not too sure I want to leave the warm tropics. We have had many days of glorious sun. And we shall definitly hit the beach this weekend.

  3. Karen Says:

    Thanks, Mom – you’re making me homesick!!!! I would give anything to be able to pack up right now and spend a month in Trinidad!

  4. markruinsdinner Says:

    Winter is fun for about a month, and then February hits and I get sick of it. Where’s the beach?

  5. Aliyah Says:

    Oh, don’t worry, Karen, mummy does that to me every time I call her. The conversation usually goes like this:

    Mom: How’s the weather
    Me: Ehhh, we’re getting freezing rain, and it’s cold beyond belief
    Mom (oblivious): Oh, that’s nice. It’s too hot here! And in the nights, it gets so cold! (Meanwhile, by “cold”, mummy means “it’s in the low to mid- 80’s)

    Then there’s the food conversations:

    Mom: What’d you have for dinner
    Me: Dining hall grossness. Couldn’t eat half of it, it was all stuffed with pork and the vegetarian option was bland fish.
    Mom: I think I’m going to cook a curry this weekend.

  6. Grandma/Mom Says:

    Come on now girls. I have to remind you about the nice things of “island life”. We only hear about the crime etc. Not about the wonderful climate and food.
    I am sure Mark knows what I am talking about.
    We had another wonderful day today. Lots of sun…hehe

  7. noelia Says:

    hi karen and mark , yes it’s me Noelia in the hot hot country of trinidad. i got internet at home finally and i got this amazing web site from mom. it is carnival here and the children are home for 5 days . I will keep in touch more often now that i am on-line bye. p.s ah going to make hot aloo pies mummmmmmm

  8. Karen Says:

    OK, I think Noelia and Mummy need to stop rubbing it in that Trinidad’s weather is so hot!!! We barely got above freezing today, and we had another light dusting of snow! Winter stinks!!!! 😡
    Welcome back to the internet, Noelia! We are supposed to have a dinner party this weekend and Aliyah has promised to make us aloo pies…I’ll believe that when I taste them!

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