“It’s as Cold as a Mother-In-Law’s Kiss”

One of my co-workers (a very proper English gentleman) greeted me with that this morning.  How right he was!  We are down in the single digits.  School was delayed 2 hours today because of bitterly cold temperatures.  I was so glad I had bought a space heater for my office a week ago!  Last week we heard that we were to have an early spring….I suppose that stupid groundhog jinxed us.

Yesterday evening we were to go to the house of some very dear friends for a Superbowl party.  We had been looking forward to this for weeks because they have a very cool 110 inch high-definition projection TV.  They also have twin daughters Isaac’s age, and so both older boys were looking forward to seeing their friends.  Well, literally 15 minutes before departure time, Jonny kept saying, “My body doesn’t feel so good.”  He had diarrhea and then promptly fell asleep!

Mark ended up going to the party with Isaac, while I stayed home with the other two.  Jonny slept for 2 hours straight.  Shortly before Mark and Isaac were due to return, Jonny woke up asking for food (bread and jelly – he ate 4 slices!) and wanting to go to the party.  When I explained that he’d slept through it, he burst into tears saying, “But I’m better now!”  

Jonny and Mommy

He got some ice cream as a consolation prize, but was still sad.

Thankfully, Jonny’s illness hasn’t turned into a gastroenteritis, but he does seem to have a cold.  His poor nose is red from constantly rubbing it on his sleeve.  Isaac seems to be feeling well so far, and Ben is finally in a good mood again and up to taking full feeds.  The older boys don’t usually nap during the day, so imagine Mark’s shock when he found them like this on their bunk beds this evening:

Isaac Asleep BunkJonny Asleep Bunk

I hope they know that bedtime is still the same tonight.  

Isaac had “Sharetime” at Kindergarten today.  He had to “Tell about someone you love”, so he chose Ben.  He took this picture with my camera, we printed it out, and he told his class all about Ben.  I sent a note to his teacher explaining Ben’s diagnosis so she wouldn’t be  caught off-guard with Isaac’s little presentation.  I wish I could have been there to hear it.  🙂

Ben Show and TellTeacher Note


7 Responses to ““It’s as Cold as a Mother-In-Law’s Kiss””

  1. Sandi Says:

    I think we are getting the same weather here Karen…brrrr!! I hope Jonny is feeling better -poor little guy missing the Superbowl party 😦 Kudos to Isaac for sharing his brother and raising awareness!!

  2. Lawrence Says:

    Karen, I love the picture with Johnny; it makes you look motherly!!! LOL. I said it once, and will say it again, Ben is a very lucky boy with such great brothers to help him meet whatever challenges life throws at him. Couple that with two loving and caring parents, and he is all set!

    Why could’nt the superbowl be during my visit!!!

  3. markruinsdinner Says:

    I told you to stay longer.

  4. kfb1 Says:

    Thank you, Lawrence. Isaac actually took that picture. Does “motherly” mean “old”????
    You know, if you had stuck around for the Superbowl, you and Rhoda could have babysat and I would have gone to the party instead! 😉
    – Karen.

  5. Lawrence Says:

    I guess motherly means caring, nuturing and loving. Not neccessarly old. Remember, less than three years separate us hence I am not yet willing to refer to you as “old”!

    As for babysitting, no problem; anytime; you know the boys are angels once you guys are not around 😉

  6. Dawn Says:

    Just really glad Mom doesn’t have internet access…..

  7. kfb1 Says:

    Come now, surely you don’t think I was referring to MY mother-in-law?
    – Karen.

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