Physical Therapy

PT 1 

Ben has global developmental delays, meaning that at the age of almost 9 months, he is more at the level of a 2 or 3 month old baby.  He gets physical therapy (affectionately known as PT) once a week, usually on Tuesday mornings when Jonny is at preschool and Isaac is at kindergarten.  During these sessions, we work on Ben’s gross motor skills such as sitting without support, holding his head up when he is on his belly, and weight-bearing on his legs.  Ben usually fusses during PT because his therapist makes him work.  Mom and Dad tend to be too easy on him sometimes!  Ben’s therapist is great, even though HE doesn’t always think so.   He seems to do a little better with PT when we are faithful with following though with his exercises during the rest of the week.  Sometimes it’s hard to do, especially when he’s sick.

PT 2PT 3

Mark took Ben to the doctor today because he was still having diarrhea.  Now we have to collect stool samples!!!  That will be a blast, I am sure!


5 Responses to “Physical Therapy”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    Ben looks so cute on the peanut thingy; and looks like he is having some fun. He still has diarrhea? Poor fellah. Good luck with the samples.

  2. Mark - in my own defense Says:

    Oh yes, scraping out a diaper with a tongue depressor and putting its contents in a little plastic jar. The GLAMOUR that comes with the “stay at home dad” title. Too bad we didn’t have company during that crusade. Lawrence would get his vasectomy the next day.

  3. Aliyah Says:

    And I think to myself: “I’m never having children. I’m never having children. I’m NEVER having children.”

    Any joy that would proceed from having small people calling me “mommy” would disappear the very first moment a pediatriction mentioned the words “stool samples” in my hearing.

    But then the kids are so cute! Ben looks specially adorable in the pics.

  4. kfb1 Says:

    You know, people, there was a reason I didn’t go into detail on the whole stool sample thing! You are even grossing ME out (and that’s hard to do!)
    – Karen.

  5. Shelly Says:

    Wow! For Karen to get grossed out is pretty amazing…Actually doesn’t turn my stomach one single bit. Take it from a mom who fished through dooties for two weeks in search of a glass marble! 🙂 You guys are too much. Had a nice laugh over this one; although I do have to say “tongue depressor” and diaper in the same sentence is rather an interesting combination.

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