This Old House

Our House 

We live in a VERY old house, and it shows.

In addition to the usual quirks that old homes have, the previous owners had awful taste when it came to interior decorating.  When we first moved here 2 1/2 years ago, we had to put up all new drywall and floors in the living room and foyer.  I won’t even begin to relate THAT sordid story. 

Our current project involves redecorating the dining room.  We have appalling dark green wallpaper stuck on top of equally appalling dark green paint.  The wallpaper seems to be stuck on with epoxy or something equally tenacious.  Mark has spent many hours on this task already, but his progress is painfully slow: 

Dining room wall

We would like to paint the room a nice bright color, but what I REALLY want is to move into a nicer, newer home with a big fenced yard for the boys to play in!   I guess we are just making things nicer for the prospective new owners, which is OK.

Poor Ben has post-antibiotic diarrhea.  I really hope it stops soon.

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