One Snowy Day

Isaac and Jonny in SnowJonny and Mark

We had our first (and hopefully last!!!) real snowfall of the season.  We didn’t even know snow was in the forecast, maybe because we don’t watch the news or the Weather Channel.  We were driving home from church when we noticed the first flakes.  That wasn’t a good sign: today was the day that Mark had to pick up my sister Aliyah from Dulles Airport, 2 hours away from home. 

The snow continued and we probably got an inch or two here.  The boys went out very briefly to play.   They would have probably stayed out for hours but I got cold and coaxed them inside with some hot chocolate.  🙂

Isaac throwing snowball

Ben chose to sleep through his first official snowfall…… 

Ben Fast Asleep

Mark took a lot longer than usual to get to the airport, but made it there OK.  Aliyah’s flight also made it in on time.  They made it back home around 10 pm last night in one piece, although Mark did crash into a cement divider on the highway on the way back because of ice.  Miraculously, they weren’t hurt and the van didn’t suffer any damage.

Mark missed the Patriots/Colts football game, but we had DVR’d it.  Would you believe he actually stayed up until 2 am watching it?  He was elated that the Colts had won!  He said he jumped up and down as if the Steelers were going to the Superbowl. 🙂


3 Responses to “One Snowy Day”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Karen, you sound like that was out of the ordinary? He was more happy about who WASN’T going to the super bowl. I’m glad he and Aliyah didn’t get hurt. Scary stuff.

  2. Grandma/Mom Says:

    I didn’t hear about the concrete median. Its a good thing they were not injured. I believe you all are heading for some really cold days. Can’t say I envy you, because we are having some really warm days. Great days for the beach.

  3. kfb1 Says:

    Yes, it was very scary stuff. It is a miracle they didn’t get hurt. Yesterday was definitely NOT a good travelling day. I am glad I wasn’t in the car. Mark had originally planned to take one of the kids with him to get Aliyah, but fortunately nixed that idea when the snow started. He was gone for almost 7 hours total.
    About the football game: I think Mark is glad to have someone to root for in the Superbowl!
    – Karen.

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