Feeling a Little Better

Ben Feeling Better 

Ben had to get his fourth Synagis shot on Tuesday, so we ended up having him seen by one of the doctors (not his regular pediatrician) while we were there.  He was still having fevers and feeling miserable.  He was still not tolerating his feeds even when we ran them in at a very slow rate.  And he did something he’s never done before; scrubbed at his left ear with his hand, so much that he scratched the side of his face. 

The pediatrician said that his left ear looked OK (which I don’t believe, no disrespect intended to the kind pediatrician who saw him; it’s just that he saw the ENT specialist just days before who declared she couldn’t see much with his tiny ear canals).  In any case, she said his throat looked red, and she put him on amoxicillin.  She also suggested that we feed him just Pedialyte for a day or two.

His recovery this time around has been slower than the last time he was ill in November.  Although he didn’t run any more fevers, he still slept alot and was fussy.  Today we had a follow up visit, and it is the first day that he’s actually stayed awake for most of the day.  The Pedialyte idea was a good one – it gave his GI tract a rest, and now he is back on formula, albeit at a slower rate than normal.  We have learned that we can’t rush these things.

So it might very well have been just a virus, but Ben is definitely on the mend.  😀

I had the day off today, and got to go to Ben’s appointment as well as take Jonny to gymnastics.  It was great to see him having so much fun. 

Mark took my car for an oil change.  Apparently I was supposed to have done this months ago – I only thought about it because the oil light has been coming on lately.  Last August I ignored my battery light for so long that the car stalled on the way to the mechanic.  I have since learned to pay attention to those lights!

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