A Sumptuous Feast

Our beautiful weather didn’t last long.  Today it was very cold and we even got a light dusting of snow.  Rhoda saw snow for the first time!

Lawrence and Rhoda are fast approaching the end of their trip, so tonight we went out to House of Kobe, a Japanese Hibachi restaurant in Hagerstown, MD.   Mark, Isaac, Jonny and I had last been there about a year and a half ago when my mom and grandma were visiting.  It was not a very fun experience (although the food was excellent) because both Isaac and Jonny were terrified by all the noise, the steam and the fire.  Poor Mark spent most of the evening in the lobby with Jonny.  This time around, the boys were older and we told them what to expect.

Dad and IsaacMom and JonnyLawrence and Rhoda

We had a great time!  Jonny ate ALL of his mushroom broth appetizer (and some of mine), and both boys loved the chicken.  They really enjoyed all the theatrics this time (Isaac was a little scared at first but quickly forgot his fear when the chef drew a smiley face out of oil on the grill.)  The food was wonderful again.  Rhoda sampled sushi for the first time, and Isaac cleaned out an entire bowl of green tea ice cream. 

Green Tea Ice Cream

Even Ben had a little taste of ice cream.  He wasn’t too crazy about it.

Ben Ice Cream

Tonight I thought I’d put Ben to sit with me on the desk in his Bumbo seat (quite safely, I can assure you, Grandma!) to talk to me as I blogged, but he wasn’t keen on the idea.  So instead he’s sitting on my lap right now, quite content.

Ben on Bumbo 1Ben on Bumbo 2


2 Responses to “A Sumptuous Feast”

  1. Grandma/Mom Says:

    Why doesn’t Ben like the Bumbo seat? Perhaps he has gotten used to being held. I wonder who we should thank for that…….ask Mark what he thinks. Nice pics though. We finally get to see a pic of the author of these postings. 🙂

  2. kfb1 Says:

    Ben does like the Bumbo seat, especially when he has a mobile or something similar in front of him for him to play with. I think he was just tired and cranky after such a long evening. His physical therapist has already noticed a big difference in his trunk strength since he started sitting in it.
    – Karen.

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