Is This Really January???

We had the most beautiful, unseasonably warm day today.  It got up to almost 70 degrees!  Unbelieveably lovely weather.  Even Lawrence and Rhoda (who are visiting from Trinidad) didn’t need coats this morining!  (Mark says that Lawrence did wear his coat and hat this afternoon because of the wind.)  Mark took the older 2 boys out in our (tiny) yard to play baseball.  Unfortunately, I was at the store with Ben and was therefore not around to take pictures.

Jonny Sleeping On Ben

Yesterday Jonny was playing with and talking to Ben on the Boppy pillow and fell asleep on top of him.  Ben didn’t seem to mind at all. 

Mark tried making homemade pizza crust last night.  He’d done it successfully before, but last night’s effort didn’t turn out quite like he hoped:

Mark Ruins Dinner January

I can’t even say if it tasted good because he’d gotten rid of it before I got home!

In other news, Ben has had a rather alarming growth of granulation tissue around his g-tube site.  He has an appointment to see the g-tube nurse this Thursday, but in the meantime I decided to try my hand at cauterizing it with some silver nitrate (how hard could it be, right?)  I think I used too much – he ended up with some very raw skin on his belly in the process.  Poor Ben.  I don’t think I will attempt that one again.  😦

We don’t have any guests at our house tonight: Aliyah is in Trinidad, and Lawrence and Rhoda left tonight for Philadelphia.  The house is strangely silent…..well, not really.  With 3 boys it never is!  😉


4 Responses to “Is This Really January???”

  1. Grandma/Mom Says:

    Did Mark really make that pizza, or was it one of the boys? I think he is covering for Jonny……

    Yes. Its January already. I believe grandma is due for another visit. Can’t wait to see my grandsons again.

  2. kfb1 Says:

    LOL! Yes, Mark really made that pizza. Come and visit anytime and Mark promises not to make similar pizzas! 😉
    – Karen.

  3. Mark - in my own defense Says:

    You know that pizza started off round! And all who make fun of my pizzas are doomed to have them served for dinner when you visit. It would have been highly entertaining to watch me go from bad to worse with that one.

  4. Grandma/Mom Says:

    Mark, you should have captured that on tape. Aliyah thinks it tasted alright though. Poor girl must have been very hungry.

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