Welcome, Lawrence and Rhoda!

 Lawrence, Rhoda and Boys

Yesterday evening my brother Lawrence and his girlfriend Rhoda arrived at our home after a very long and harrowing travel experience that started some 36 hours before.  Thankfully, they made it safe and sound and in one piece.  The boys immediately took to Rhoda.  They are still a little apprehensive about their Uncle Lawrence…although he gave them ice cream for dessert tonight so he might have won them over after all!

This evening Rhoda got the boys involved in sprucing up our rather drab Christmas stockings.  They had a blast.  Here is the final result:

New, Improved Christmas Stockings

In other news, I think we burned the motor out on Ben’s syringe pump.  This is the one that we use for his daytime feeds because they are relatively small-volume.  Of course, it is not only a weekend, but a holiday weekend at that, and we haven’t been able to reach anyone at the company to have it looked at.  So we will be using the Zevex Enteralite pump that we normally use for nighttime continuous feedings until we get things worked out, which is OK, I suppose.

Ben spent several hours out shopping with me today and was an angel!  I wore him in his front carrier, and he was very interested in everything that was going on at K-mart and the supermarket.  He stayed awake the entire time, and definitely appears tired out tonight.

Ben tasted some sweet potatoes today and loved them!

Ben Tasting Sweet Potatoes

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