Preschool Christmas Party and MIC-KEY Checkup

Jonny SingingJonny Reindeer

Jonny’s Christmas program at his preschool was last night.  He actually wasn’t clingy and willingly went backstage with his classmates!  When he spotted us in the audience he turned around, pointed and loudly proclaimed to his friends, “That’s my baby brother, Benjamin!”  He sang most of the songs.  He also got to be a reindeer.  The herd of reindeer wasn’t moving across the stage until they spotted a plate of cookies on the other side – then they took off!

Today was his Christmas party complete with Santa Claus.  He told Santa he wanted a statue for Christmas – whatever that means!  The kids exchanged gifts, ate sweets and generally had a good time.

Jonny & SantaJonny Preschool Party

We left directly from Jonny’s preschool party and took Ben to have a checkup for his MIC-KEY tube at the surgeon’s office with the nurse practitioner.  In contrast to the last time we were there, we didn’t have to wait at all.  At first the nurse was skeptical – she had just increased the tube size 6 weeks ago – but after she examined Ben she agreed that he did seem to have outgrown it already.  She therefore put in a longer tube (which seems to be the perfect fit for the time being), and cauterized some granulation tissue with silver nitrate.  Ben did NOT appreciate that at all, and Jonny felt very sorry for him.

Isaac was at school when all this was going on.  He was in extended care at school for only about 30 minutes, and he didn’t mind this time since one of his friends was there too.

Poor Ben is a little fussy tonight – he has had 2 difficult days in a row.  Hopefully his MIC will stop leaking and he’ll forget about the last 2 days, and will have a good first Christmas.

Ben Ready for Lunch


One Response to “Preschool Christmas Party and MIC-KEY Checkup”

  1. Shelly Says:

    I pray you all have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas with memories to cherish forever. I’m proud of Jonny for being a brave reindeer and staying with his class! I don’t blame Ben for being fussy. Having a new tube put in and getting his tissue cauterized?? Yikes…I’d complain too! After all he’s been through, when he gets older he’ll fear nothing. (Could be a curse as well as a blessing. Trust me I know…I have a CALEB!!!) Hehe.

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