Church Christmas Program

Isaac & Jonny at Church

Since Ben was born, I must confess our attendance at church has been spotty.  It just has.  I think that’s mainly because it’s taken us this long to adjust to getting all 3 kids ready on time on Sunday mornings, and taking Ben anywhere requires a fair amount of planning and equipment.  I’m not making excuses, but that’s the way it is these days.  

Apparently the children’s church has been working on a Christmas pageant over the last few weeks.  Last night, the children’s pastor left a message on our answering machine that Isaac would be singing with the big kids and Jonny would be a shepherd.  When we got there this morning, however, Jonny flatly refused to wear ANY sort of costume!  Isaac gladly filled in for him:

 Isaac as shepherd

The pageant was very cute and rather amusing.  Ben enjoyed all the music and singing; he did a little singing along himself!  (He has been “talking” alot these days.)  Maybe next year we can talk Jonny into participating!

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