Dinner for Two

Aliyah and Boys

As I have already mentioned, my sister Aliyah is a college student here in town.  She lived with us last year for her first year of college, but now lives on campus to escape the craziness of our home. 

Apparently there was a conspiracy between her and Mark last night that I knew nothing about until the last minute.  I did know Aliyah was coming to spend the weekend since she is now on winter break.  What I didn’t know that she was going to babysit all 3 boys for us last evening.   (Up until now I have been reluctant to leave Ben with anyone for long periods because of his special needs, especially his tube feedings.  In any case, we don’t know too many people who would be comfortable giving those to him in the first place.)

Mark showed up quite unexpectedly at my office last evening to whisk me away for a quiet dinner for two at a nice restaurant!  I don’t even remember when the last time was that we had dinner without the kids.  We had a lovely, leisurely meal complete with appetizers and dessert.  Mark got the Chilean sea bass and I had the roasted duck.  Aliyah did great with the boys; they ate pizza and she managed quite well with Ben’s tube feed.  Everything at home had actually gone smoothly in our absence. 

What a nice surprise at the end of a hectic week! 

6 Responses to “Dinner for Two”

  1. Grandma/Mom Says:

    I think that was very thoughtful of Mark and sweet of Aliyah to make herself available for babysitting the boys. I hope some people will take a hint when Aliyah is at home in January. I have forgotten what fine dinning is like…..

  2. Grandma/Mom Says:

    Would you believe some people had the gall to suggest that we could perhaps go for burgers at Al Haqq……..

  3. kfb1 Says:

    BOOO! Sorry, “Some People”, burgers don’t count. Especially if they’re from anywhere called Al Haqq. Trinidad has some wonderful fine dining as I recall from our last visit. You all should get out and sample some of it.
    – Karen.

  4. Shelly Says:

    By the way Karen…YOU LOOK GREAT!!! I really mean that. And way to go Mark…You score Thoughtful Husband of the Year Award!!! I’m know your wife needed the night and very much appreciated it. So glad you guys got a night out together. Glad Aliyah is so close and willing and available to lend a hand.

  5. kfb1 Says:

    Shelly, just so you know- the above picture is of my sister Aliyah, not me! I suppose I’d look great if I were 14 years younger and 50 lbs lighter!!!! 🙂
    – Karen.

  6. Shelly Says:

    Ok, I feel really really stupid…I saw you in another set of pictures though and the sentiment still stands. I really do think you look great. 😦

    Maybe from now on I’ll just read and keep my mouth shut.

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