I Give Up!!!


We tried our best to get a nice picture of all 3 boys for our Christmas cards.  Unfortunately, the older 2 were in rare form.  Poor Ben was surprisingly tolerant.  The above pictures were just a sample of what I got; there were another 25 or so blurred and completely unusable photos.  Thank goodness for digital; I would have ruined a whole roll of film!!!

Needless to say the mission was aborted.


7 Responses to “I Give Up!!!”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    The first one looks OK except Ben has this “why me?” look on his face. The rest of them are nice too, except if you want to hide the boys true colors! LOL.

    Of course you could just wait till I get there and tell them that Uncle Lawrence only says behave once! You know how much they like that. Or perhaps I could use the good old “Woops” that Isaac loves to much.

  2. Shelly Says:

    I think any one of those would be GREAT!!!! Seriously! It shows the life and the joy that they have! That’s what it’s all about! You caught them in a fun moment and why not share it? It’s just my opinion but I think they’re all great pics. Very fun. (Or why not put them all together in one pic like a collage?) Funny though we went through the same thing just recently. When one would smile the other would look away or blink or sneeze or cough or make a funny face or, or, or…..:)

  3. Dream Mom Says:

    I like the first one best if I had to pick just one. But why not get a frame that shows all of them?

    I used to take a ton of pictures for my son hoping one would turn out. One very early morning, I took a picture of him on a little chair outside by my flower bed. He was horsing around and I happened to take a bunch of photos. I found a frame that would hold 9 photos and framed them in order-it showed him sitting really nice and then beginning to horse around and turn around on the chair and finally falling off the chair (it was real close to the ground) and laughing hysterically). It was one of my favorite photos.

    I think these are cute of the boys and would be inclined to do something like that. The fact that they are laughing so hard is priceless.

    By the way, Ben is a gorgeous little boy.

  4. Mark - in my own defense Says:

    You know that’s some great advice, everybody. I’m already taking it, in fact. I was putting together a picture book for my Mom for Christmas, and included on the back page are twelve of these. It reminds me of my nephew’s second birthday portraits. I got it in the mail from my sister and it had him standing in front of a black background screaming bloody murder. Apparently he wouldn’t stop crying so his loving mother said “Take the picture, I’ll show it at his wedding.” Needless to say it was hilarious, and I loved it.

  5. kfb1 Says:

    Yes, thanks Shelly and Dream Mom for the great ideas! I will be getting one of those multi-picture frames, putting these in and taking them to my office. They will be sure to make me (and my co-workers) smile every time we look at them, I am sure!
    – Karen.

  6. Grandma/Mom Says:

    All I can say is “poor Ben”.

  7. kfb1 Says:

    That’s what I say too, but sometimes it seems that Ben likes the attention and the excitement.
    – Karen.

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