It’s Finally Here!

Karen’s New Toy

Watch Me Surf!!

I ended up ordering a Palm TX for work and it finally arrived today!  Mark dutifully opened it up and had it all charged and ready to play with by the time I got home.  I love it!  It actually has Wi-Fi capabilities and I can do email and internet from it!  (I wonder if I can post to this blog from it ?)   I ordered it through the Palm website and it even came with free shipping and a free wireless keyboard.  My last Palm stayed at work except when it needed to be charged, but I think this one is cool enough that it will come home with me everyday!

In other (more important) news, Mark got Ben this cute “My First Christmas” outfit.

Ben’s New Christmas Outfit

Ben is actually doing quite well.   We have increased his daytime bolus feeds by 10 cc each (doesn’t sound like alot, but every little bit counts!)  I think we have maxxed out his overnight continuous feed for now – when we try to increase it he wakes up gagging early in the morning.  Even though Ben’s next well child exam isn’t until February, I think I will make an appointment with his pediatrician just to have him weighed and his feeds recalculated to make sure we are on the right track. 

Breastfeeding the other two was so much easier than this!

Last night we made some butternut squash/cream cheese soup (very rich and very good) and Ben tasted it – he loved it!   I am hopeful that he will learn to eat by mouth one day.

One Response to “It’s Finally Here!”

  1. kelly Says:

    Oh I am SO with you on the breastfeeding. I was gutted not to be able to with Sonny. We use squeezy bottles because of his palate but bottles are such a faff!

    Love your new toy. I love getting new stuff. 🙂

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