ABR and Behavior Chart Update

As I have mentioned before, Ben has mild to moderate bilateral hearing loss (which can sometimes go along with CdLS) and wears hearing aids.  Today we made the hour-long drive to the University Hospital where he gets all his specialty care for a follow-up ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) test.   He is supposed to have these every 4-6 months to make any needed adjustments to his hearing aids.  He has to be in a sleep-deprived state for the test to be done.  Let me tell you – it is REALLY HARD to keep an infant awake for an hour in a moving car!  We managed OK except for a 15 minute power-nap that I just couldn’t rouse him from.

The test went well and he slept like a champ.  The audiologist said it looks like he might have had some minor deterioration in his hearing since his first test in July, but it might be because he had that (likely) ear infection last week.  She’ll call us with the full report when she compiles all the data from both tests.

Poor Ben has diarrhea, most likely from the antibiotics he was on.  😦

In other family news, the Behavior Chart has not been as successful as I’d hoped, probably because we haven’t been as consistent with it as we should be.  Isaac, however, has been faithfully putting magnets up for each night he’s stayed in his own bed.  It’s actually quite impressive.  Can’t say the same for the other goals:

Behavior Chart Nov 30 

I guess we’ll try again next week.  Anyway, since I promised a reward  for good behavior, I got out this paint-by-number set I’d been saving for just such an occasion (I get small items on sale from WalMart and save them in the “reward cupboard”).  The problem is, it is WAY too complicated for a 6 year old!  He seems to enjoy it, but I suspect I’ll be “helping” him by doing most of it.

Do You See a Tiger In This Picture?

One Response to “ABR and Behavior Chart Update”

  1. Mo Louis Says:

    May I say how admirably you’re coping with your son’s hearing loss. I wish your family well as you continue to take such good care of your son.

    More Hearing Aids information

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