Happy Thanksgiving!

Jonny & Ben Football Shirt 

We had a great Thanksgiving this year filled with family and friends: Mark’s sister Dawn and her husband and 2 sons (who are a little older than Isaac), my sister Aliyah and a family friend were all here.  We had a very enjoyable time.  Our kids spent lots of time playing with their cousins and stayed (mostly) out of our hair.  Ben enjoyed having so many people around to fuss over him!  Mark made some awesome cream of broccoli soup which Ben LOVED.  The rest of the food was pretty good too, if I do say so myself! 😉

Ben Tasting Soup 1 Ben Tasting Soup 2

Isaac accidentally bit his tongue during dinner but in the midst of his wails managed to say, “I want some pumpkin pie!”  Must not have hurt TOO much.

Jonny and Isaac got their flu shots today and were both sad for a bit, but they cheered up nicely with post-shot “rewards” and of course because their cousins were here to distract them.  Ben had his OT today and did great with some tastes of butternut squash.

This morning Aliyah and I actually went out at 5 am “Black Friday” shopping.  It was the first and will be the last time I will ever go, trust me.  What a nightmare!  Aliyah bought a (strapless!) dress and some shoes to wear to next weekend’s banquet at her college.  The only thing that made the trip worthwhile for me was that I actually did manage to procure a Nintendo Wii at Toys ‘R’ Us.  We hid it away from the kids until Christmas (so “Santa” can officially bring it) but we plan to fire it up tonight for the adults.  We are hustling the kids off to bed as we speak! 


One Response to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Grandma/Mom Says:

    I just can’t wait for Ben to taste Grandma’s cowheel soup or oxtail soup. If he likes soup that much, he’ll flip when he tastes it. I love his smile.

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