Sick Ben

It seems that we’ve all managed to catch Jonny’s cold to some degree.  I just had a sore throat that fortunately lasted only 1 day.  Mark spent all of Saturday sneezing, but seems to be getting better.  Isaac woke up this morning coughing and saying his throat hurt and begging to stay home from school, but he seems better this afternoon.  (We did keep him home, but tried to make it as boring as possible so he won’t be too anxious to stay home unless he really IS sick in the future!)  Jonny still has a lot of head congestion and may actually need antibiotics with how long this has lasted.

Ben has had a runny nose for the last couple days, but today he’s crying during his feeds which is unusual.  I just checked  his temperature and it was 101.2 rectally.  He just fell asleep after a dose of Tylenol and I am feeding him at a slower rate than usual (it’s nice to be able to feed him while he sleeps).  I hope this is just a virus that will run its course.

Mark went to get his flu shot today.  He took Isaac with him to see that it wasn’t too bad.  We were hoping to talk Isaac into getting his today too, but he (not surprisingly) doesn’t want to.  That’s OK because both Jonny and Isaac are scheduled to get their flu shots the day after Thanksgiving.  Here’s what Isaac had to say about shots:

Say No To Shots


5 Responses to “Fever”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    The little pumpkin (Ben) looks too cute. I like his modified shirt. Poor Issac; I think he was really sick you know; I don’t think he is the type to fake it. He seems to like school and his friends too much.

    Could not help but laugh at Issac’s “No Shots” sign. I still hate shots too actually, and only taken them in extreme circumstances…..I don’t think getting a shot to aviod the flu is considered extreme so I too will pass on that one.

  2. kfb1 Says:

    Actually, Mark modified Ben’s shirt. It was fairly easy to do since the sleeve was made of two pieces of fabric sewn together; he just cut off the lower blue part with pinking shears and got great results. I have since bought Ben some new shirts that we will alter in a similar fashion.

    Isaac was faking it, all right. You didn’t see him running around begging to watch TV. Mark says he also heard the sounds of swordplay upstairs. He was certainly well enough to go to school!

    Don’t worry – we’ll have a flu shot waiting for you when you visit!

    – Karen.

  3. Aliyah Says:

    You know, Karen, I’d be more than happy to help with some of the alterations to Ben’s clothes during Thanksgiving weekend. I rather like doing alterations to clothes.

    Also, Lawrence, I’d much rather get the shot than the flu. A shot is a momentary inconvenience. The flu is most certainly not that, and if one person on my floor gets it, it will spread like the bubonic plague.

  4. Mom/Grandma Says:

    Aliyah, I have some garments that need altering. Perhaps you can fix them when you visit next year.

  5. marie Says:

    your son is beautiful. i have a little brother with the syndrome and hes so beautiful and lively

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