Isaac’s “Family Turkey Project”

Family Turkey Project 

Yes, we all participated, except for Ben.  Isaac, Jonny and I stuck the decorations on.  Mark made suggestions that were nixed by Isaac (he claims to have done some glueing too – I’m not so sure).  It actually was more fun than I thought it would be.  I am glad we did this on Sunday morning before church because it took ALL DAY to dry.  If we had waited until the last minute like we usually do, Isaac would have had a very soggy piece of paper to take to school this morning.  We await the next “family project” with bated breath….

3 Responses to “Isaac’s “Family Turkey Project””

  1. Mom/grandma Says:

    Aren’t family projects fun? I think its a good idea as perhaps its the only time that kids get their parents’ full attention. I am sure Isaac is proud of the result.

    Good job Isaac………and everyone else

  2. Lawrence Says:

    Looks good enough to eat guys!

    Family projects with dad used to be fun yes….not craft things but more carpentry and such……I remember those time fondly.

  3. Sandi Says:

    The turkey is awesome! You guys did a great job!


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