Veterans’ Day

The Beloved Overnight Feed 

Lately we’ve been experimenting with Ben’s feeds, trying to get him to grow a little since we can’t quite get him to that 10lb mark.  Last night didn’t go too well; he actually woke up crying at around 5:00 am because he was too full.  That is VERY unlike him.  He usually sleeps through the night even if he isn’t hooked up to his feed at all (a disaster which has fortunately only happened a couple times, with extremely messy results!)  This morning he was up for over an hour, mostly in a very smiley mood.  We worked on his oral motor skills until he fell asleep again.

Today we had yet another gorgeous, warm fall day.  Since it was Veterans’ Day, we all went outside this morning for our local parade.  I don’t have any pictures of it because Mark convinced me that if we didn’t leave the house immediately, we would miss the whole thing.  So I left without having showered, put on socks or drunk coffee; it’s no surprise that I forgot my camera.  The boys all loved it!  I even forgot Ben’s hearing aids, but it turns out he didn’t need them – the music was quite loud enough.

We went shopping afterward mainly for craft supplies.  Isaac’s kindergarten teacher likes to send home “projects”.  This particular one is a large drawing of a turkey that we are somehow supposed to decorate in a creative manner “as a family”.  As if we don’t have enough to do around here already!!  Isaac ended up choosing an interesting assortment of shells, feathers, glitter and google-eyes.  (He informed me, “Beads are for girls!”)  We’ll have to see how it turns out.  We then went to Borders and did some early Christmas shopping.  Ben was an angel during all of this; he just loves to be out of the house. 

Mark’s note: Karen forgot to mention Jonathan’s behavior in Borders.  There I was checking out at the cash register and Jonny was eyeing the chocolate truffles sitting by the counter.  He kept saying “I want chocolate! I want chocolate!” and I kept saying “NO.  You have been very naughty in the store.”  And the girl working the register is talking to me about their frequent buyer club, and when I turn around I see an empty truffle wrapper sitting on the display.  In exasperation I ask “Jonathan!  Did you eat a chocolate!?”  His reply: “Yeah.”  So I take the empty wrapper and give it to the girl at the register.  They were only 40 cents, I should have gotten a couple for me!

 Isaac & Jonny at Borders

Tonight Isaac and I went to see my sister Aliyah perform with her college dance troupe.  Isaac behaved really well and we both enjoyed the show.  How I wish our parents could have been there to see Aliyah do a belly dance 😯 routine!  Alas, I forgot my video camera and my still pictures leave much to be desired.

Both older boys had their trying moments today, inspiring a new Behavior Chart – they get tokens for good behavior each day with a small reward at the end of the week if they do well.   I have tried this before with Isaac with only modest success – I think I was trying to monitor too many things at a time.  This time we are trying to focus on just a few things (like putting away toys, at least trying new foods, and most importantly, staying in their beds at night).  We’ll see how it goes.  I don’t remember my parents having to resort to such fancy tactics to encourage good behavior! 😉

 Behavior Chart 

6 Responses to “Veterans’ Day”

  1. Sandi Says:

    Awww, Ben looks so angelic sleeping 🙂 I remember how frustrating the slow weight gain was when Jess was a baby, but it sounds like Ben is doing great. Jess was barely 12 lbs. on her 1st birthday.

    Hope we get to see Isaac’s turkey when its complete! And I sure can’t blame Jonathan for sneaking one of those truffles from Borders -they are so good 😉

    I like the behavior chart Karen. I’m thinking of trying something similar with Jessica.


  2. Lawrence Says:

    “I don’t remember my parents having to resort to such fancy tactics to encourage good behaviour!”

    Damn straight; if a harsh look did not work, a hot slap subsequent to a “slip-up” usually did the trick. It’s amazing the lengths that american parents have to take to make children behave.

    I wish I was there to see ‘A’s’ belly dance routine but glad the parents were not there. I think dad would flip if he were privy to such a display….the thought of him seeing this makes me shudder;

    I have no idea what a truffle is….or at least I don’t think so, but find it strange that Jonny would do that….poor child must have been hungry…..Let him know that when Uncle Lawrence visits I will buy him a box of truffles (whatever they are) and give them to him. You know how Uncle Lawrence loves bribing the boys with snacks! Woo-Hoo, I can’t wait.

    Issac is right, beads are for girls….stop trying to get the boy to do girly stuff…..see if you somehow involve a hammer, high-power nail-gun or power-saw in the project. These devices are well known to boost masculinity in young men.

  3. kfb1 Says:

    Things really are different in the U.S. compared to Trinidad – slapping your children here is likely to result in a visit from Children and Youth services and a child abuse investigation. So we have to come up with creative ways to inspire good behavior.
    Truffles are balls of (usually) pure chocolate! Yes, poor Jonny was hungry – we were getting ready to leave the store and it was close to suppertime. I guess the temptation was too much. We ended up stopping at the little coffee shop inside of Borders and getting the boys a snack to tide them over until supper.
    If you buy Jonny a box of truffles YOU will stay up with him when he is too wound up on sugar and caffeine to sleep! And you will have to brush his teeth also after he eats each one!
    I’m not the one trying to get Isaac to do girly stuff – blame his teacher! Somehow I don’t think a piece of paper would stand up to power tools! 😉

  4. Dawn Says:

    I’m so glad Mark gave me the link to your blog. Not only do I get to keep up on Baby Ben and the family’s happenings – I also get to be entertained by the sibling relationship! I thought Mark and I were the only ones who did that!

  5. Mom/grandma Says:

    When you consider that one slap will do the trick sometimes, I think its a good option. Seems like every week, you have to come up with something new for these kids to encourage good behavior.

    But as I always say, when grandma is around, the boys are at their best.

    Proud grandma.

  6. Lawrence Says:

    Dawn, glad you find the relationship entertaining. Karen and I go at it much like you and Mark I expect. How are your boys going Dawn?

    Mom is right, a slap is soooooo much simpler although I do understand and accept that it is not as widly accepted as a form of motivation in the U.S. as it is in Trinidad. Oh well….guess the chart will have to do then.

    Yeah yeah, I’ll stay up with the sugar high boy if it works out like that. Uncle Lawrence will not miss the opportunity to spoil his nephews just because of the risk of loss of sleep or a bit of teeth brushing.

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