Unrelated bits of news….

We finally changed Ben’s MIC-KEY tube on Saturday morning to one which was a little longer.  That seems to have done the trick.  We have only small amounts of leakage, the skin redness is gone, and the indentation in his skin has also disappeared!

Ben seems to be growing!  Or his ears are anyway.  His hearing aids are falling out with very little jostling or provocation.  We will need to have new earmolds fitted for him soon or risk having them fall out at Walmart!  He is doing beautifully with his feeds and hopefully will be hitting the 10 lb mark soon.

We have discovered Ben’s first food dislike!  Our occupational therapist has given us the go-ahead to try tiny tastes of food on his tongue.  He doesn’t like peaches.  So far we have tried them 3 times and he cries every time.   We know he DOES like chocolate icing!  (Yes, I know I shouldn’t be giving that to babies.)

Jonny is miserable with a cold.  I hope we don’t all catch it from him.  Mark seems to be getting a sore throat….

I am in the market for a new PDA.  The one I have now (a Palm Tungsten T) doesn’t have enough memory to do what I need it to.  Plus, the scrollbar on the right of the screen works sporadically, and the on/off switch is on the blink.  I suppose it doesn’t help that I’ve dropped it multiple times over the 3 and a half years that I’ve owned it.  Any suggestions for a good PDA under $500 would be appreciated.

Isaac wrote a “book” today, complete with illustrations.  [Mark’s note: Isaac’s exact words were, “Daddy, I want to illustrate a book about Danny Phantom.  We’ll draw the people first and add detail later.“]  Any resemblance to the Danny Phantom cartoon from Nickelodeon is purely coincidental.  😉

Isaac’s story is a little violent.  I was shocked by the last page!  I think we let this kid watch WAY too much TV.  From now on we’re sticking to Veggie Tales and going to church every Sunday! 😈

Danny 1Danny 2Danny 3


5 Responses to “Unrelated bits of news….”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    That’s not violent…..danny just won is all. Leave the boy nah, you want to raise a pansy?

    As for the PDA, I would go with a PDA/Phone but of course it depends on what you want to do with it. It would seem that there are alot of diehard Palm OS users out there who don’t want to switch….are you one of them?

  2. André Says:

    For the PDA,i recommend the DELL Axim series, had lots of hands-on experience with them and they’re quite good. Or you can always go with something from the HP line..or a Palm Treo(if u want the phone/pda)

  3. Grandma Says:

    I swear by the Palm . Mine was thrown through the window of a moving car, and still works…. (Thank-you Maryam). Would however want to upgrade from my basic soon.

    Isaac’s first book is fantastic. Is he looking for a publisher yet?


  4. kfb1 Says:

    I am a Palm person. I can’t change now after 5 years with Palm!! 🙂 Besides; all my software is for Palm OS. Now, why would I want a PDA/phone combo? The Palm stays at my office usually, because that’s the only place I use it. I tend to misplace my cell phone all the time and I can’t function at work without my PDA. I will look into the models you mentioned. What about the Palm TX? It seems to be reasonably priced. Actually, I just now looked at the Dell Axim series. Those look pretty cool. I wonder if my applications come in a Pocket PC version. I will have to investigate.
    Isaac now wants to write a Zelda book! Stay tuned…I am surprised that you like the Danny book, Mom! – Karen.

  5. André Says:

    Once it runs Windows Mobile or such, the apps should work. The Palm TX is a good buy too,but dell won me over (im not really a dell fan though, except for their service).

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