A Doctor Visit and A New Skill

Yes, folks, he’s fast asleep! 

Yesterday afternoon we took Ben to the surgeon to check his MIC-KEY button (G-tube) site.  It still leaks on and off and the skin was still looking irritated despite the antifungal cream.   Jonny came with us, and Isaac was at school.  We arrived around 1:45 pm and their message board announced an approximate wait time of 45 mins.  Fortunately we had brought a bag full of coloring books and other activities for Jonny.  He looked at some of those for awhile, but had the most fun dropping coins into one of those fundraiser machines to see them spin around a vortex and then collapse into a hole in the center. The wait ended up being an hour and a half! 

We saw the surgical team.  It seems that Ben’s MIC-KEY tube is a little too short and is making an indentation in the skin on his belly.  He also had some granulation tissue that needed to be cauterized.  They also taught us how to change the MIC-KEY tube ourselves – alot easier than inserting an NG tube if you ask me!  So we are awaiting the delivery of our new longer MIC-KEY tube.

Poor Isaac had to stay in extended care at school until 5 pm.  He was distraught because none of his friends were there!  Fortunately this won’t happen too often.  Grandma, come live close by please!

On a more cheerful note, Ben has started cooing in the last few days!  It seemed that he waited for me to tell the pediatrician that he never made any sounds, and then started cooing.  It is SO neat!  It’s funny how we took all these little things for granted with the older two boys.  We never will again.  

Ben’s occupational therapist came by today and decided that we’re going to give Ben tastes of different foods by mouth each day.  Today he tasted applesauce and loved it!   I am in the process of filling out seemingly endless paperwork to have him seen at the Feeding Clinic of the hospital.  Hopefully one day he will be able to eat at least some foods by mouth as he gets older.


One Response to “A Doctor Visit and A New Skill”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    It’s about time I make my presence known here. For all who care, I am Lawrence, Karen’s brother which of course makes me Ben’s Uncle. Without saying too much, Karen & I, being only separated by about two and a half years in age, grew up very close. We speak quite often (many times for medical advice) and I tend to visit at least once a year.

    Karen, I am glad to hear that Ben is progessing well; he is constantly in my prayers. I hope to visit in December and just got off the phone with Mark actually discussing my proposed visit. I can’t wait to meet Ben; I suspect that he and I will become very close. You know I have a special place in my heart for special children.

    Try Ben on chocolate pudding, you know that was always my favourite up till age 10! I must buy myself a jar and see if it still is as good as I remember.

    Will talk to you guys really soon. Give the boys my love.

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