Jack o’ Lanterns and Screaming Cookies

Yesterday we finally got to carve those pumpkins.  We cleared all the junk off the dining room table, spread some newspaper on it and got to work.  Isaac was very enthusiastic to pick his pattern (a flaming skull) but it soon became clear that he thought I was going to do all the work.  With a little prodding, he actually did some of it himself and enjoyed it.

 Isaac Carving Pumpkin

Isaac’s got done first, then he and Jonny ran off to play upstairs, leaving the rest of the carving to Mom and Dad! Here are the fruits of our labors.  Mine is the spider and Mark’s is the ghostly cauldron:

Jack o Lanterns Boys and Pumpkins

 Ben sat in his swing in the dining room and watched not-so-happily (actually he was content for all but a couple minutes):

 Pay Attention To Me!

Tonight we made Screaming Cookies (we got the recipe off the Food Network website) and the big boys “helped” which means that they were constantly in the way but had a good time.  The cookies are pretty tasty.  They are rich and I can’t eat more than one or two at a time which is probably a good thing.  We’re all ready for Halloween!  I hope someone hands out toothbrushes to our kids as treats!

Screaming Cookies


2 Responses to “Jack o’ Lanterns and Screaming Cookies”

  1. cdlsva Says:

    Awesome pumpkins! The cookies look good too, yum!


  2. Lars (Karen's Dad) Says:

    BNot sure which Sandi wrote, but I am sure glad she commented. I was wondering how to make a comment, and then I saw the comment counter increment from 0 to 1. THEN it became intuitive. Thank you Sandi.
    I feel the same way as Sandi about the pumpkins and the cookies too, Karen & Mark. I miss being with you all and being (I am sure) a pain in the youknowwhat. But.. 1 day at a time, right? Love you all.

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