Pump Malfunction

During the day we use a syringe pump for Ben’s bolus feeds; he gets around 65 cc over 45 mins.  It’s just easier that way since he gets a relatively small volume at a time.  At night, however, he has a continuous feed of about 10 oz that runs over 8 hours.  For the nighttime feeds we use a Zevex Enteralite pump which we love: 

Zevex Enteralite 

Tonight, however, we set up the pump and guess what?  For the first time since we had the pump we got an error message.  The pump just won’t work at all, no matter how many times we turn it off and on again.  We called the medical supply company, and there’s not much they can do tonight, but they will come first thing in the morning and bring us a new pump.  So that means that tonight we will have to do bolus feeds every 3 hours!  😦  It’s a good thing I’m off work tomorrow.

Here’s Mark downstairs right now giving Ben his first installment of tonight’s feeds:

I guess we’re using the syringe pump tonight


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