New Pump!

I love my hand! 

The medical supply company dropped off another pump for us today.  Let’s hope this one works!

Today I was off work so I actually got my hair done.  Bless those stylists for offering same-day appointments.   Usually I don’t have enough presence of mind to actually call ahead. 

I also took my clothes to the cleaners and asked the seamstress there if she could do some alterations on Ben’s clothes.  He really likes his “little arm” but now that the weather is colder, it’s not as accessible because of the long sleeves he has to wear.  We would like to shorten all the right sleeves of his shirts so he can have as much use out of that arm as possible.  When we try to roll up the sleeves, he can’t move the arm very much because of the bulk of the fabric.  I’d do it myself, but I’m not that good with a sewing machine, and besides, I don’t have the time!  She said that she could, for $3.50 per sleeve.  I suppose that’s not too bad.

Tonight we went for dinner and a movie (“Over the Hedge”) at the house of some very dear friends.  They have twin girls Isaac’s age.  Isaac, Jonny and the girls entertained each other, running all over the house, screaming, etc.  Ben watched them quite contentedly for most of the evening.  We all had a very good time and the food was delicious.


2 Responses to “New Pump!”

  1. kelly Says:

    Oh, do you know, I hadn’t even realised that Ben had a small arm!
    I hope his 3 hourly feeding wasn’t too much of an ordeal, a bit like going back to the start I suppose?

    Kell x

  2. cdlsva Says:

    Another great photo of Ben! Blue is definitely his color. Hope the new pump works okay.


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