Six Month Well Child Visit

Going to the Doctor

Ben had his 6 month checkup today, even though he technically is not 6 months old for a few more days.   He is still 9lbs 4oz, so he hasn’t really gained any weight at all this month.  It’s probably because of the surgery – we really had to go slow on his feeds for a couple of weeks.  We are only now increasing his feeds from what they were at the end of September. 

He didn’t like being examined and he REALLY didn’t like the shots.  He got, among other things, his flu shot and his first in a series of Synagis shots.  The Synagis is supposed to give him some protection against the RSV this winter, and is given to babies who are premature, have low birthweight, or other risk factors for severe RSV disease.  Our health insurance covers it which is a good thing; our pediatrician says it runs over $1000 per shot! 

Waiting for Shots

He does have global developmental delays, and I would estimate that overall he is at about the level of a 6 week old “normal” baby.  His personality is just starting to develop.  He has just started with belly laughs over the last few days, usually in response to tickling or watching his brothers’ antics.

The MIC-KEY is actually leaking less already – I used a non-stick dressing coated with a little of the Nystatin, and it seems to do a good job of sealing off any gaps – for the last 24 hours we have not needed to change his clothes because they were damp.

On a totally unrelated note: I did end up giving Isaac his antibiotics.  I know from previous experience this year that his ear infections tend not to clear up on their own.


One Response to “Six Month Well Child Visit”

  1. kelly Says:

    Bless his heart, I cant take my eyes of him because he reminds me so much of Sonny 🙂

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